Sewing Machine Feet - Bed Hemmers, Shirring Plates and Underbraiders

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Bed-mounted Feet

Most Singers and many other machines have little threaded holes in the bed to attach seam guides, underbraiders, and other entertaining attachments. Most of these will fit most old machines (and some modern ones)
Please ask if you need an attaching-screw

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Self-Sewers and the Like

Made by various manufacturers, notably Barnum and Company, these ingenious devices were useful for hemming, tuck-marking, and making money..
They come with an explanatory leaflet (reproduced)
CLICK HERE for a free .pdf downloadable version

OF390 The Genuine Article; £30


...carry a cord under the (upside down) work to be sewn on to the right side of the fabric for decorative effect
These clamp to the bed of the machine with a screw, or clip into the bobbin plate hole...

OF062 Singer Underbraider larger (fit 201 and 15 class); £4.50

OF061 Singer Underbraider smaller (fit 66, 99, and 185 class, but will also work on 201 and 15s); £4.50

OF066 Singer Underbraider smallest (For shuttle machines); £4

OF063 Later Singer type underbraider (clamps to bed of machine with a screw, all types); £4.50

OF059, OF058 Earliest Singer types (66 back-clamps had these) often supplied with other machines £4 each, £7.50 pair

Ribbon Guides or Shirring Plates

Which will carry a flat ribbon under, or sew two edges together. Also used with Rufflers as Shirring plates...
These clamp to the bed of the machine with a screw, or clip into the bobbin plate hole...

OF064 Singer Shirring Plate / Ribbon guide large (fit 201 and 15 class); £4.50

OF060 Singer Shirring Plate / Ribbon guide smaller (fit 66 99 and 185 class, but will also work on 201 and 15s); £4.50

OF065 Singer Shirring Plate / Ribbon guide smallest (For shuttle machines) £4.50

OFUB003; £4.50

OFUB001; £4.50

OFUB005; £4.50

OFUB006 New Home Rotary; £6

OFUB014 Pair, very small; £5

OFUB010 Leader plates (shown both sides); £3 each

Bed Hemmers

Top rows are adjustable. They will make a deeper hem than other attachments, but require some practice to use. I keep looking at the bag and finding (yet more) small differences, but I suspect they don't vary much in use..

OF071; £4

OF072; £4

OF070; £4

OFUB016; £4

OFUB017; £4

OFUB004 Simanco 88710; £5

OFUB011 Grover and Baker S. M Co 2; £5

OFUB012; £3.50

OFUB013; £1.50

And Then...

OFUB002 Elna Circle Stitcher with gauge; £15

OFUB013A Big (8.2 x 4.7 cm) brass thing which slides apart; £3

OFUB007 Bed-attaching binder (industrial); £10

OFUB008 Bed-attaching binder (industrial); £10

OFUB009 Bed-attaching binder with squiggly wire leader (industrial); £10

OFUB021 Home-made piping attachment, thick; £2

OFUB018 Home-made piping attachment, thick; £2.50

OFUB019 Home-made piping attachment, thin; £2

OFUB020 Home-made piping attachment, thin; £2
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