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Feet for Bernina Machines

Bernina machines have a unique fixing system with a cone to centre the foot and a swinging lever to attach and detach them. I like these, because it's easy and quick to change the feet and you don't need a tool. They are expensive new, and most of the older type are no longer available. The machines came with a good range of feet (and still do).
I tend to have a few for sale only because I have several machines, but can only sew on two at a time...

There are basically 2 types, for older and newer machines. Ask if you don't know...I am also reliably informed that there is an intervening type, but I don't have much more information on that. All my Bernina machines (730, 710, 840, 700, 510) are the older type

Page backed up against the fence and made to promise all manner of things, January 7th 2016

OF164 Bernina Cut-and-Sew - overlocks and trims in one go. Item number 334 156 03. Doesn't fit any of my machines (sadly); I am told this works with the 930 models. You need a hole in the base plate to plug into to stabilise the attachment.
As new. Very hard to find; £95

OFBER011 Walking Foot (newer type machines); £95.00
My friend Lynne says "these come in a wee box like an engagement ring and cost about the same". I probably use mine more than any other feet on my Bernies. If you plan to quilt, make anything with layers or velvet, or checks, you need one of these..

OFBER011 Box

OFBER012 Low Shank Adaptor..
I really dislike these, as mechanically unsound, but if you can't afford a complete set of Bernina feet, or you want to use odd ones you already own, this will do the business. Attach very firmly with a screwdriver, please
(old type machines, unused); £10

OFBER004 Regular Foot (old type machines); £9.50

OFBER013 Zip Foot(new type machines); £9.50
Not shown but the same shape, OFBER020, for old type machines; £9.50

OFBER018 Open Toe 499 (old type machines); £9.50

OFBER016 Overlock/Satin stitch (old type machines); £9.50

OFBER015 Foot 5, Blind Hem Right (new type machines, unused); £11.50

OFBER026 Short toes, old type; £9.50

OFBER024 Single-sided Zip, old type; £9.50

OFBER024a Guide/Zip, old type; £12

OFBER006 Foot 30, with guide and gimp hole (old type machines); £10

OF225 7-channel Pin Tuck Foot (old type machines); £9.50
Pin tuck feet come with a suitable-sized twin needle

OF089 Narrow hemmers for older-type machines
£7.50 each
OF089a (left) is Straight-stitch only (Sorry, sold out)
OF089 (centre) closed zigzag
OF089b (right) is an open zig-zag (Sorry, sold out)

OF087 and OF088 Blind Hemmer (or stitch-in-the-ditch) feet - left and right for older-type machines £9.50 each

OFBER001 Buttonhole foot with guide (old type machines); £10

OFBER003 Button Sewing-on Foot (old type machines); £7.50

OF082 Buttonhole Foot for older-type machines £9.50

OFBER002 (right) and OFBER002a (left, slightly narrower) Yarn Darning/Couching Foot (old type machines); £9.50

OFBER019 Intermediate Darning foot (old type machines); £9.50

OF322 Free-motion/Darning/Embroidery with medium hoop (old type machines); £9.50

OF323 Free-motion/Darning/Embroidery with tiny hoop (straight-stitches only) (old type machines); £9.50

OF092 Bernina Embroidery Hoop; £15

OFBER023 Slotted/Shirring (old type machines); £8.50

Other Items for Bernina machines

BB111b Bernina gridded bobbins; £1.50 each

BB111c Bernina plain bobbins; £1 each

BB111a Bernina "BB" bobbins; £1.50 each
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