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Buttonholers and zigzaggers work on straight-stitch machines to do a little magic - they push the fabric from side-to-side to make the pattern of stitching required. Most buttonholers come with a feed-cover plate (unless noted below), but I have always found it better to drop or remove the feed dogs if I want to make more than one or two buttonholes.. I have never found a modern machine which does a buttonhole as neatly as these attachments do. All have instructions, original if possible, or neatly reproduced. I can also supply copies of the instruction booklets for all of these models and some others on request; from 50p for single sheet instructions to £5 for booklets...Click Here for details

Page updated and tickled firmly.. 21st March 2018


ZZ050 Wurker Low Shank with immaculate box and German instructions (repro English instructions will be added); £35

ZZ050 Detail

ZZ051 Swiss, with box, instructions (in Swiss-German! - repro in English provided also), no cams; £75

ZZ051- Nice condition

ZZ052 Singer Zick-zack for Slant Shank machines; £35

ZZ042 High Shank Recordia Zick Zack with instructions in German, extra plates and charming box; £35

ZZ029 Low Shank Zick Zack Kuli; £30
Regular Singer Zigzag attachment
ZZ005 Regular Low Shank Singer Zigzag attachment foot (top) with Edge Joining plate (below); £15
ZZ006 £13.50 without the joining plate
Instructions but no box.
Converts your Straight stitch machine to zigzag.
ZZ005b, Joining plate only; £2.50

ZZ020a Singer Low Shank Automatic with big red cams; £45 (SOLD OUT, please ask to be informed when I get more)
Not shown but looks very much like: ZZ020b, for Slant Shank machines (labelled for the 301); £40

ZZ038 Low Shank YS Star Adjustable.. Small, neat, very good condition; £15
Wurker Zick-zack attachment, for High Shank Domestic machines
ZZ014 Wurker Zick-zack attachment, for High Shank Domestic machines, with 3 plates, box and instructions.
I love this one... Works really well... SOLD, sorry
Also Low Shank ZZ021a with only one plate and a scruffy box; £35
I also have reproduced instruction books for these; MAR036; £4

ZZ027 Singer Hemstitcher and Picot Attachment 121387, with Feed Cover plate 121389 for 66 and 99 class machines.
With box, fixing screw and repro instructions; £75
MAR052 Reproduced instructions for the above; £5

Blind Hem Attachments

 Singer Blind Hem Attachment
ZZ004 Singer Blind Hem Attachment. Fits all low shank machines - useful for applique.. and hemming, of course £25 (with repro instructions; no box) With original instructions; £27
One with an original box and instructions; £30
MAE023 Original Instruction books; £6
MAR037 Repro Instruction booklet; £5
Greist Blind Hem Attachment
ZZ022 Greist Blind Hem Attachment (Low Shank) in nice box. Instructions and a pretty card skirt-shape to explain how to fold the hem; £30
MAR038 Repro Instruction booklet and copy of the other paperwork; £5

ZZ040 Ruby Blind Hemmer attachment in good box, with instructions. Immaculate; £40

ZZ039 Greist Blind Hemmer for Slant Shank, with rather scruffy tin box and instructions, tested; £25


All buttonholers have been tested on a Singer treadle machine (if appropriate)
Black buttonhole attachment
BH007 "Black" Buttonhole attachment.
My favourite! Complete and working, serviced, oiled, with instructions; £30
Long attaching screws (as shown) are not as common as buttonholers and I have no source for spare ones.. You can't use the regular thumbscrew with these, but if you can cope with a regular screwdriver-screw (which is my normal practice), deduct £2
Buttonholers all come serviced, with a manual, and the correct packaging. If you need these extras I also sell them separately
MAR007 Repro buttonholer instruction manual; £5
MAE027 Original Instruction booklets from £5 - 8 according to condition, and we can supply new card inners for the boxes at £5
Red Case buttonhole attachment
BH006 "Red Case" Buttonhole Attachment; £27.50
See note left about fixing screws..
Very like the black ones, except cream, and a good quality plastic box. Comes with the manual, serviced, and my own notes..

MAR007 Repro buttonholer instruction manual; £5
MAE027 Original Instruction booklets from £5 - 8 according to condition
I also have a spare box and some spare parts for these buttonholers
Singer Jetson buttonholer attachment for Slant Shank machines
BH032 Singer "Jetson" for Slant Shank machines. Quite the most extravagant box I have ever seen.
Complete, immaculate, instructions, cams..; £40 (Sold Out, sorry)
MAR045 Reproduced manual for this attachment; £5

BH049 Rainbow with nice box and instructions. Nicely bare..; £28

BH035 Jetson for Low Shank machines. Immaculate; £47.50

BH047 Ruby, astonishingly like the Rainbow above, no box; £25

BH046a Low Shank "Professional" Singer buttonholer with lots of cams, for ZigZag machines - complete with a bilingual box and instructions etc..; £40

BH046a The Box in question...

BH055 One of these would be a curiosity, two in the same week seems like an embarrassment of riches
Kenmore HS buttonholer and accessories as showm with a pretty box; £40

And here's the box

And here's the second one - BH056, with a slightly different set of bits, and a slightly different box..
Also £40

And the box.. Such interesting thingummies...

Scroll right down the page for matching Monogrammers..

BH051 All I know about this one is that it is German.. The box has been nibbled by snails on its journey to England, it travels with its own personal spanner, and it has a built-in feed cover.. Ingenious and rather curious...; £25
Ruby  buttonholer attachment
BH034 Ruby for Low Shank, with reproduced instructions and nice box; £35
Singer Cam Buttonholer for Slant Shank machines. Red 'pebble' case
BH030 Singer Cam Buttonholer for Slant Shank machines. Red "pebble" case
Complete and in good condition; £35 (Sold out, but please ask, as I get these in frequently)
Not shown: BH031, with green case for Low Shank machines; £35
(Also sold out, but please ask, as I get these in frequently)
MAR039 Repro manual for this and the slant shank version; £5
Jones Auto buttonholer attachment
BH026 Jones Auto, complete, with cams; £30

BH052 YS Star Industrial High Shank, with the extra needle-clamp screw and attaching screw, tested, instructions, and the obligatory scuffed-to-pieces box; £45
Singer Golden Panorama Automatic Buttonholer attachment
BH010 Singer Golden Panorama Automatic Buttonholer, for Slant Shank machines, as new condition; £27-50
See below for spare cams, booklet etc. for this type..

BH044 Greist with cams, Low shank, in restored box; £25

BH044 Box restored..
Kenmore Cam Buttonholer for Top Clamping machines
BH028 Kenmore Cam Buttonholer for Top Clamping machines; £35
Kenmore Cam Buttonholer for Top Clamping machines - detail
BH028 detail of fixing

BH045 YS Star with no feed cover plate (for 201 or other drop-feed machines); £12.50
Brown Tin Box with Cam Buttonholer attachment
BH003 Brown Tin Box with Cam Buttonholer. Really nice item..£35
Brown Tin Box with Cam Buttonholer
Tin for the item on the left...

Buttonholer Spares

Odd buttonholer cams
BH012 - Odd metal buttonholer cams -
Straight 5/16, 5/8, 13/16, 1-1/16;
Keyhole 1-1/16 (all inches). Some repeats
Fit Singer, Jones, Greist and some other buttonholer attachments - £1.50 each
BH012a Plastic versions (these can be swapped with the above)
Straight 5/16, 3/8, 5/8, 13/16, 1-1/16; Keyhole 5/8, 1-1/16
Sorry, no eyelet cams, and I have a loooong waiting list for these

BH037 Set of 21 cams for Golden Panoramic buttonholer. (Note that these are not interchangeable with the metal ones on the left); £1.50 each or £25 set

BH036 Feed Cover Plate for Singer types BH006 and BH007; £10

BH029 Singer "Top Hat" Cams for making buttonholes; £6 each

BH040 Attaching screw; £2.50

BH042 Greens Buttonholer box and instruction leaflet only; £5
Not shown but see above, BH033 Red Case buttonholer box in good condition (I also have many spare parts for Red and Black types) £4.50

Stitch Cams

Have moved to HERE

And Finally

OF390 Barnum's Self-Sewer - ingenious bed-attaching device for making tucks and hems, originally supplied with Willcox and Gibbs and some Wheeler and Wilson machines. With Advertisement leaflet (reproduced) which pretty much explains its use; £30

OF390 Another view

OF391 Appears to be a "fake" version of the above. Very convincing £22

OF378 Cut-and-Sew (imitation overlocker) attachment. New in box, with instructions; £40

ZZ046 Not one, but two Kenmore Monogrammers (High Shank, I think) arrived at once.. Wonderful bits of kit. Vary slightly, as you can see; £45, complete with 26 cams and instructions...

ZZ046 Box (very similar box for the one below...

See above.. ZZ047 in all it's eccentric glory, also £45
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