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I keep modern, good-quality TESTED metal bobbins for 66k, 99k, 201k, 15k Singers (see below) and I try to have at least some bobbins and shuttles for older and more obscure machines. I prefer not to supply the latter for machines that are not being used - if you just want to put it on the shelf and admire it, please do not order "extras"..
If you have a working shuttle, look after it, please..
If you have a particular need, please be precise - machine model number, length and width of bobbins, type of shuttle etc..
I also have shuttle adjustment keys, bobbin cases, and hooks....
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Round Bobbins

NOTE:- Anything you find elsewhere labelled Universal is better described as Useless.
As with hats, One Size Does Not Fit All...

15 Class Bobbins

Singer 15 class bobbins
BB020 New Singer 15 class bobbins - fit 15 type Singer, Bernina, some industrial Singers (31 class), Pfaffs with latched bobbin cases and many other machines. If your machine has a removable bobbin case like this

these are almost certainly the ones...
Bobbin cases...
BB004 Singer generic; £5
BB004a Singer 15277; £7
BB004b Singer 81417; £7
BB014 Frister and Rossman; £7.50
BB113a Bernina standard; £12.50
BB113 Bernina Black-latch; £20

Older machines are designed to work with metal bobbins, please use them..
£2 for 5
Buy 15 and get another 1 free

BB021 Original / Vintage bobbins in good condition, for the same machines. These are in very limited supply
Solid or with holes; £1 each

BB021a and c Singer 15 class Blackside; £2.50 with holes, or without

BB069 Scruffy (usable, may need cleaning) used modern metal 15 class bobbins; £1 for 3

BB120 Plastic 15 class, for modern machines which like them; £2 for 6

66 Class Bobbins

Please note that my new metal bobbins of this type have been tested and are suitable for all 66/99/201/185 etc. machines. Some of the other modern bobbins you can get now have a smaller hole and do not fit on the winder spindle..
(I now have these later ones in stock -
BBR027, metal, for Singer 401 etc; £2 for 5)
Older machines are designed to work with metal bobbins, please use them..
Singer 66/99 type bobbins
BB018 New Singer 66/99 type bobbins. Also for 201, 185 and other machines. If your machine has a drop-in bobbin this is probably it..
£2 for 5
Buy 15 and get another 1 free

BB068 Solid (cast) vintage bobbins in good condition, for the same machines. Solid sides; £1.50 each (8)

BB066 (left) and BB066a (right) Later types (usable, may need cleaning) Vintage and Used modern 66k metal bobbins, with and without holes as shown; £1 each (I only have BB066a in stock at present)

BB019 Plastic 66 class £2 for 6

Other Round Bobbins

I can get most types of industrial bobbins, but I need a precise model number for your machine (and its age, if you can) and they will have to be ordered. Try your local man first...

Number in brackets is the total I have, if no number, probably repeatable. Measurements only for the oddments, Width x depth + hole size; inches then mm..

BB107 Industrial flat-sided, also fit several sorts of Singers; £1

BB119 Singer 29k Boot patcher; £2.50 each (10)

BB034: 0.95 x 0.33 + 0.27; 24.25 x 8.6 + 6.9mm; £1 each (3)
I'm told these are "high-capacity" from a Brother Industrial

BB086 Pfaff 96/97; £1 each (11)

BB111a Bernina "BB" or "B"; £1.50 each (1 only)

BB111 Bernina gridded; £1.50 each (30)

BB111c Bernina Plain; £1 each

BB124 chamfered hole: 0.8 x 0.36in + 0.24in; 20.5 x 9.3 + 6mm; £1 each (2)

BB125 Gamill long-arm; £2.75 (1)

BB197 Holes one side, no slot, Elna type; £2.50 (2)

BB121 Singer Touch-and-sew wind in place (unscrew type); £1.50 (8 with white base, 4 clear)

BB121a Packet with 4 BB121, new; £6

BB052 Singer Concerto wind in place (metal centre type); £1.50 each (10)

BB149 Singer Featherweight, also for Singer 301 and Bernina 840, new; £1.75 each; 10 for £15 (50)
Also, BB149a, not shown, older solid ones (also for Bernina 840); £2.50 (4)

BB038: 0.74 x 0.37 + 0.21in; 19 x 9.4 + 5.4mm; £1 (1)

BB037: 0.86 x 0.42 + 0.23in; 22 x 11 +5.9mm; £1 (2)

BB067: 0.79 x 0.36 + 0.17in; 20.2 x 9.14 + 4.3mm; £1 each (2)

BB035: 0.8 x 0.56 + 0.23in; 20.5 x 14.25 + 5.9mm; £1 (1)

BB179 Industrial, slotted, flat; £1 each (lots)

BBR028 New Home Rotary; £3 each (4)

BB021b as Singer 15 class, Frister and Rossmann; one hole; £1 each (11)

BB133 Singer 319 type; £2.25 each, 5 for £10 (28)

BB134 Like big Featherweight bobbin, 25 x 7.8 +6, 0.98 x 0.3 + 0.23; £2.50 (2)

BBR025; £1.50 (1)

BBR026 Black plastic; £1 (1)

BB195; £2.50 (1)

BB135 Industrial?,20.5 x 9.3 + 6, 0.8 x 0.36 + 0.24; £1 (2)

BB140 This is not a bobbin, but replaces the bobbin case to make a New Home rotary machine into a Chain stitcher; £10

BB178 Industrial, slotted, with slight bevel; £1 each (44)

BBR023 Husquvarna, marked "H", new; £1 each (8)

BBR021 Plastic; 75p (2)

BBR022 Tiny bobbin and gear in a box (coins for scale); £5

BBR020 Flat industrial, no slot; £1 each (29)

BBR001 Flat metal with slot; £1 (1)

BBR019 Flat metal with holes; £1.25 (3)

BBR018 Flat metal with holes; £1.25 (7)

BBR015a Dished metal; £ (1)

BBR015 Rather like 66 class with lots of holes; £1 (1)

BBR014 Slightly dished metal with one hole; £1 (8)

BBR017 Metal, holes one side, shaped; £1.25 (14)

BBR016 Plastic, flat, with slot, 50p (6)

BBR014a Flat metal with holes and slot; £1.25 (3)

BBR013 Flat metal with narrow centre; £1.25 (1)

BBR012 Flat metal with one large hole; £1.25 (2)

BBR011 Dished Wheeler and Wilson type, steel; £2.50 (2)

BBR010 Flat metal with slot and raised centres; £1 (3)

BBR007 Dished Wheeler and Wilson type, steel; £3 (4)

BBR006 Bevelled steel with brass centre and slot; £2.50 (4)

BBR004 Flat metal with one big hole; £1 (2)

BBR003 Plastic with drive slot inside; 75p (6)

BBR002 Flat metal with holes; £1.25 (5)
My address is:-
Helen Howes
Helen Howes Sewing Machines
4, The Raveningham Centre, Beccles Road, Raveningham, Norfolk, NR14 6NU. United Kingdom
01508 548137
From outside the UK dial:- 0044 1508 548137
Mobile - 07732 911669
I'm open 11 till 5 every day except Tuesdays and Wednesdays