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Many later 20th-Century machines and most current ones use clip-on feet systems, and they have the advantage of speed and ease of use - no screwdrivers needed. (The mechanical disadvantages are mostly irrelevant with light-weight machines)
The foot system always consists of an "ankle" and interchangeable "feet", and for some types of feet (walking and hopping feet) you almost always have to remove the ankle too. Don't lose it!
I have rebuilt the page to make this more logical - you can change the type of foot you use, but only by changing the "ankle" too - please ask if you need advice.

Click on the links to take you to the relevant parts of the page, with ankles and sets in each section..

Singer machines almost always have Narrow attaching points
Modern zigzag machines almost invariably have Wide attaching points
Early Husqvarna machines have an intermediate size
Later Husquvarna machines have all sorts of jolly toys
Pfaff machines (and some others) with IDT have a different sort of wide clip arrangement

Ankles that will take a quilt guide can have one added for an extra £1

Please ask for advice if you have a particular sewing task to do..
Page updated majorly and poked gently with a yellow balloon, 15th October 2018

Narrow Fittings

OFCL041 Singer ankle and ZZ foot; £6.50

OF110 Ankle (Singer Low Shank); £6

OF115 (left) and OF115a (right) Later Singer, I think for Low shank (115) and Slant (115a); £2 each

OF044 Straight-stitch, Singer 153267; £1.50

OF045 Zip; £2

OF046 Clear zigzag; £2

OF047 Clear zigzag with markings; £2

OF326 Buttonhole slider from Singer slant machine; £10

OF320 Zip (from slant machine); £2.50

OF387 Satin-stitch/overcasting; £2.50

FS087 Singer with straight-stitch and feed-cover plates and regular zip foot; £20

FS066 Set of four feet from Singer slant-shank; £6.50

Wide Fittings

OF304 Ankle; £5

OF305 Ankle; £5

OFCL037 Ankle; £5

OFCL042 Elna 7000 with fixing screw; £8

OFCL040 Toyota 555; £8.50

OFCL039 Low Shank ankle with metal ZZ foot; £7.50

OFCL003 New Home ankle with ZZ foot and attaching screw; £7

OF201; £5

OF301; £5

OF302; £5

OF103 Buttonhole; £3

OF136 Buttonhole slider; £3.50

OFCL020 Cording; £3

OFCL060 Narrow hemmer, marked 385; £1.50

OFCL059 Zip; £2

OFCL058 ZZ with edge-guide, new; £5

OFCL057 ZZ with edge-guide, new; £5

OFCL053 Clear piping with narrow groove 042 957; £3

OF413 Blind hem/stitch-in-the-ditch, new; £4.50

OF414 Zigzag, clear with inserts, new; £2

OF416 Button, new; £1.50

OFCL055 Invisible Zip?; £2.50

OFCL054 Clear piping with wider groove; £3

OF199 Narrow hemmer; £3

OF116 Brother zip; £1.50

OF306 Zip; £2.50

OF200 Adjustable blind hem; £2

OF198 Metal zigzag (New Home, Brother, Janome etc. some marked "J"); £2

OF339 Zip; £2.50

OF349 Cording, marked "2"; £3

OF377 Buttonhole with automatic sizing; £5

OF403 Big buttonhole; £6

OF410 Quarter/eighth-inch, new; £5

OF411 Quarter-inch, new; £5

OF412 Adjustable Blind Hem, new; £3.50

OFCL018 Quarter-inch; £5

OFCL009 Buttonhole slider "5"; £2

OFCL052 Buttonholer slide; £2.50

OFCL051 Buttonholer slide "A"; £3

OFCL047 Buttonhole 650; £3

OFCL045 Teflon, for velvet, vinyl, leather, new; £3.50

OFCL011 Straight-stitch with large hole; £1.50

OFCL005 Pair of narrow hemmers 385, 387; £5
Also one 385; £2

OFCL013 Adjustable blind hemmer; £2.50

OFCL025 Invisible zip, clear; £2.50

OFCL029 Invisible zip, metal; £5

OFCL028 Tailor Tack; £4

OFCL064 Clear, groove underneath; £2

OFCL026 Big adjustable thing; £6

OFCL024 Brother Cut-and-Sew, new; £30

OFCL036 Metal zigzag marked "B"; £2

OFCL069 Zigzag, marked "4"; £2

OFCL035 Clear zigzag marked "J"; £2

OFCL063 Overcast; £3

OFCL062 Wide Zip, marked "H"; £2

OFCL061 Narrow hemmer, "7"; £1.50

OFCL038 Clear roller, invaluable for "difficult" fabrics, new; £6

OFCL030 Quarter-inch with blade, new; £5

OFCL064 Clear, groove underneath; £2

OFCL069 Zigzag, marked "4"; £2

OFCL063 Overcast; £3

OFCL062 Wide Zip, marked "H"; £2

OFCL061 Narrow hemmer "7"; £1.50

OFCL032 Janome Open-toe for applique and embroidery, brand new in packet; £5

FS013 Set with ankle; £15

FS041 Riccar, no ankle; £10

FS161 E and R Classic with oil bottle and tools; £15

FS102 Set with tools and ankle (Janome/Brother); £25

FS160 Modern; £15

FS183 New Home with ankle and guide; £15

Early Husqvarna Fittings

OFCL016 Zip; £7.50

OFCL046 Teflon; £3

OFCL056 Roller; £5

OFCL002 Pintuck; £3

FS155 Viking with darning foot, odd box and button reed; £25

Later Husqvarna Fittings

OFCL007 ZZ with marks metal 412 0374 B; £3

OFCL065 Buttonhole with guidance (list price on these is 99 dollars); £25

411 8529 Roller; £10

OFCL066 Teflon marked "H", for vinyl, velvet, leather, 411 5630; £3

OFCL019 One-toe with measurements, for buttonholes, marked "C"; £2.50

OFCL043 Open-toe Viking FM, new in packet; £10

OFCL022 Cording 411 8510; £3.50

OFCL023 Zigzag 412 0373 A; £2.50

OFCL010 Clear ZZ 3 marks 411 4531; £2

OFCL044 Embroidery / Free-motion "R" 412849801; £8

FS182 Ten assorted feet including Narrow hemmer 411 8520, Zip "E" 412 3805, Embroidery / Free-motion "R" 412849801, Stitch-in-the-ditch unmarked, Clear 412 0015, "A" 412 3800, Gimping 412 5805, Open-toe "B" 412 3801, Cording 412 3804, Piping 411 8510; £30

IDT (Mostly Pfaff) Fittings

OF202; £10

OFCL049 IDT foot with clear front marked 1 A; £4

OFCL050 IDT foot with clear front, marked 0 A; £4
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