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Many later 20th-Century machines and most current ones use clip-on feet systems, and they have the advantage of speed and ease of use - no screwdrivers needed. The foot system always consists of an "ankle" and interchangeable "feet"
Top items are "ankles" of various sorts - note that the feet come in three sorts of fittings - Narrow (Singer) Wide (other makes) and Husqvarna. You can use wide clip-on feet with your Singer if you have an appropriate ankle, but if you have a Slant Shank machine you need narrow-fitting feet
Ankles that will take a quilt guide can have one added for an extra £1

Please ask for advice if you have a particular sewing task to do..
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OF201 Wide; £5

OF202 Pfaff with IDT; £10

OF301 Wide; £5

OF302 Wide; £5

OF304 Wide; £5

OF305 Wide; £5

OFCL015 Elna; £10

OFCL037 Ankle; £5

OF110 Narrow Ankle; £6

OFCL003 New Home ankle with ZZ foot and attaching screw, wide; £7

OF044 Straight-stitch narrow, Singer 153267; £1.50

OF045 Zip, narrow; £2

OF046 Clear zigzag, narrow; £2

OF047 Clear zigzag with markings, narrow; £2

OF115 Zigzag, late Singer, narrow; £2

OF326 Buttonhole slider from Singer slant machine, narrow; £10

OF320 Zip (from slant machine), narrow; £2.50

OF136 Buttonhole slider, wide; £3.50

OFCL020 Cording, wide; £3

OFCL016 Zip Husqvarna; £7.50

OF199 Narrow hemmer, wide; £3

OF116 Brother zip, wide; £1.50

OF306 Zip, wide; £2.50

OF200 Adjustable blind hem, wide; £2

OF198 Metal zigzag (New Home, Brother, Janome etc. some marked "J"), wide; £2

OF387 Satin Stitch, narrow; £2.50

OF339 Zip, wide; £2.50

OF349 Cording, marked "2", wide; £3

OF377 Buttonhole with automatic sizing, wide; £5

OF403 Big buttonhole, wide; £6

OF410 Quarter/eighth-inch, new, wide; £5

OF411 Quarter-inch, new, wide; £5

OF412 Adjustable Blind Hem, new, wide; £3.50

OF413 Blind hem/stitch-in-the-ditch, new, wide; £4.50

OF414 Zigzag, clear with inserts, new, wide; £2

OF415 Cording 3 rows, new, wide; £3.50

OF416 Button, new, wide; £1.50

OFCL001 With window, wide; £3

OFCL002 Husqvarna pintuck, HQ fitting; £3

OF103 Buttonhole, wide; £3

OFCL011 Straight-stitch with large hole, wide; £1.50

OFCL010 Clear ZZ 3 marks 4114-531, wide; £2

OFCL018 Quarter-inch, wide; £5

OFCL008 7-hole cording 411 8511, wide; £4.50

OFCL007 ZZ with marks metal 412 0374 B, wide; £3

OFCL009 Buttonhole slider "5", wide; £2

OFCL006 Pintuck 411 7399 F 3 grooves; £4.50

OFCL005 Pair of narrow hemmers 385, 387, wide; £5

OFCL013 Adjustable blind hemmer; £2.50

OFCL019 One-toe with measurements, for buttonholes, marked "C", Husqvarna; £2.50

OFCL025 Invisible zip, clear, wide; £2.50

OFCL029 Invisible zip, metal, wide; £5

OFCL028 Tailor Tack, wide; £4

OFCL026 Big adjustable thing, wide; £6

OFCL024 Brother Cut-and-Sew, new, wide; £30

OFCL036 Metal zigzag marked "B", wide; £2

OFCL035 Clear zigzag marked "J", wide; £2

OFCL034 Janome Quarter-inch foot (with metal guide), brand new in packet, wide; £5

OFCL033 Janome Ditch-quilting foot, brand new in packet, wide; £5

OFCL032 Janome Open-toe for applique and embroidery, brand new in packet, wide; £5

Sets of Clip-on Feet

I'm always happy to make up sets as required...

FS013 Set with ankle, wide; £15

FS041 Riccar, wide, no ankle; £10

FS021 Husqvarna with teflon foot, brush, button reed, no ankle; £25

FS102 Set with tools and wide ankle (Janome/Brother); £25

FS087 Singer with straight-stitch and feed-cover plates and regular zip foot; £20

FS066 Set of four feet from Singer slant-shank, will fit other machines with narrow clip; £6.50

FS160 Modern; £15

FS161 E and R Classic with oil bottle and tools; £15

FS155 Viking with darning foot, odd box and button reed; £25
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