Cording and Ribbon-attaching Feet

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Commonly used on straight-stitch machines for attaching cordings, but also good on zigzag types for working with satin-stitches as the gap underneath allows the bulk of the stitch to pass freely.
Also Pin-tuck feet, which make a "false" cord with a twin needle.

Please ask for advice if you have a particular sewing task to do..
All these are for Low Shank machines

Page given a prize for good efforts and trying hard, February 10th 2015, then patted gently for not being a bad lot, 3rd October 2015...

OF003 Cording/buttonhole with D hole, Singer; £3.50

OF003a As OF003 with gimp hole for buttonholing; £4

OF005 Like narrow hemmer, with hole but no slot; £2.50

OF005a Like narrow hemmer, with hole and slot; £2.50

OF006 Like OF005, with hole only and with a pin; £2.50

OF006a as OF006 with slot; £2.50

OF007 with ZZ slot; £2.50

OF008 One groove, from early/transverse shuttle machine; £2.50

OF146 Two grooves and notch, from early/transverse shuttle machine; £2.50

OF290 Singer 12 type; £3

OF255 Pfaff 41242; £3

OF255b; £3

OF316 Early type with wires; £8.50

OF317 Early type with plate; £6.50

OF389 with sliders; £12

OFCO001 Pintuck, 3 groove, small; £6.50

OFCO001a, as 001 with one groove only; £6.50
Both of these feet are very small and neat

OFCO002 With wired toes, old; £8.50

OFCO004 With slot (for ribbons); £3

OFCO005 With slot; £3

OFCO003 Early type with adjusting screws; £10

OFCO006 Slot and toe; £3.50

OFCO008 Singer 86616 D hole and gimp; £4

OFCO011 Square, with gimp hole; £4

OF348 Single toe; £3

OF379 Like Singer 12 but wider; £4.50

OF347 With spring, single; £3.50

OF187 Open slot, 80274; £3

OF336 Singer 12; £5

OFCO012 Cording/felling as hemmer, with ZZ slot; £2.50

OFCO009 with triangular hole, marked "5"; £3.50

OFCO013 Single Groove piping, quite chunky; £5
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