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Scarce commodities, folks... However, I have completely revised the box, mended, rebuilt, reworked, rejigged and serviced all the lurkers...

The only source for these is now from breaking machines, and I try not to do too much of that. Some are really quite poor (note that what you see is the item you will get) but all will have been inspected and pretty much all taken apart, serviced, lubricated and cleaned. I always try to be honest about condition, and I don't sell non-working parts
I have no repro cranks at the moment, and may not be listing them in future. Not always worth having...
Please note that all of these are heavy, and postage to the US will need to be Tracked and Signed for - currently a minimum of £18.. (Australia and NZ, £18.50)
I'm happy to send anywhere, of course..
Parts; please ask or look at the bottom of the page...
All Singer cranks come with a fixing screw. Others only if shown.

Page updated yet again on 28th October 2018, after (yet another) a merry Saturday with much steel wool, rags, swearing, and screwdrivers all over the bench, and having made all my fingers and everyone else's filthy... Again...
And, by gum, these are getting hard to find in good condition.. If you have any to spare I will buy them..
NOTE - Singer cranks are now at the TOP of the page.. Followed by repro-fits-Singer
Then Other Makes
Then Unidentified Twirling Objects
Then Parts at the bottom...

All cranks have now been serviced, greased, and finger-fettled if required with a new bit of leather

New Page - How to Service a Crank Click Here

HC437 Singer black; £35

HC306 Singer black, working nicely but rather tatty; £32

HC316 Singer with charming but faded and fleeting "Daisy" decals; £40

HC316 Detail

HC316 Another detail

HC341 Singer black; £35

HC437 singer black; £35

HC315 Singer with decals; £40

HC315 Another angle...

HC314 Singer with faint decals; £37.50

HC314 Again

HC312 Singer from shuttle machine with nice "Olive" decals and early horn handle; £40

HC312 Decals

HC311 Singer with "Olive" decals; £40

HC311 Again

HC309 Singer with faded decals; £40

HC304 Singer black; £35

HC303 Singer black; £35

HC305 Singer black; £35

HC266 Singer with "Olive" decals; £40

HC266 Again

HC266 Detail

HC294 Singer black; £35

HC283 Singer black; £32

HC266 Singer with "Olive" decal; £40

HC266 Detail

HC266 Detail

HC293 Singer with "Filigree" decals, rather scrappy but a good working crank; £40

HC293 Again...

HC292 Singer with fragile decals, "Filigree" type; £40

HC292 Detail

HC267 Singer black; £35

HC272 Singer, scruffy but works nicely; £32

Repro Singer

All Repros sold.., sorry

Other Makes

HC438 Hengstenberg, I suspect; £30

HC438 Another angle.. Nice decals

HC321 Frister and Rossmann TS; £27.50

HC323 Hengstenberg; £30

HC317 Faudels; £30

HC317 Detail

HC318 Early Jones CS, very nice; £30

HC318 Detail

HC324 Frister and Rossmann TS; £30

HC324 Detail

HC322 Frister and Rossmann TS; £27.50

HC320 Naumann VS; £32

HC297 From TS machine; £30

HC297 Detail

HC300 Winselmann; £30

HC300 Again - very nice decals

HC299 Chapman Pearl-de-Luxe; £30

HC299 - Immaculate in brown "Hammerite"...

HC302 Frister and Rossmann TS; £30

HC302 Again

HC307 Jones FCS with arrow, very good; £35

HC149 Jones CS; £30

HC278 Wheeler and Wilson D9; good; £50

HC278 Detail

HC284 Vickers; £30
Harris OS Hand Crank
HC013 Harris OS; £20

HC275 Frister and Rossmann TS with fixings, very pretty; £35

HC275 Detail.. Lovely decals

HC254 Pfaff "B" TS, good; £30

HC254 Another Angle

HC243 German TS from UI machine with stars on the bed, very pretty; £30

HC221 Naumann, fits TS and VS machines; £35

HC228 Bradbury Family, VG; £35

HC169 Vickers, good; £30

HC214 Simplex TS (machine had cherubs), good, 37 mm centres on bracket; £30

HC215 Governor "C" (Davis or Eldredge), good, 28mm centres; £30

HC209 Frister and Rossmann VS, very pretty; £35

HC209 Again

HC150 Vickers VS, very good; £30
Vickers Hand Crank
HC005 Vickers; £20

HC276 Serious bit of kit, UI; £25

HC276 Detail. Centres of fixing points at 75mm

HC082 Unidentified, probably from TS machine; £25

HC002 German, heavy, poor; £20

HC186 Incomplete and Unidentified £15

HC186 Another view


HC117 (left (SOLD), but I have undrilled ones, and can drill for you); £4 and HC116 (right). These are "Add-on Plates" - cast lumps designed to make it possible to add a crank to a machine without the requisite lump in the casting - that is, machines that were never designed to be anything but treadles. The machine casting requires drilling and tapping, and then the add-on plate acts as a locating device.. Not for the faint-hearted, and please don't do this unless you must; on your own head, and all that; £7.50
HC117b, extender plates, so you can use a later crank on an earlier machine, so keyed both sides; £4

Same from the back, plus the undrilled one below

HC117a, undrilled; £4

And then there's this - HC118 Add-on Plate with lumpy ideas, undrilled.. You tell me; £5

HC174 Add-on plate with long screw; £6

HC101 Singer Blanking Plate - these are to cover up the bit where the crank or motor might go, on your treadle... With fixing screw; £5

HC203, a big one; £7.50

HC136 Leg from UI TS machine, screws spaced at 60mm centres; £4

HC432 Leg from Singer machines, with fixing screws; £8.50

HC130 Crank bar and handle, 100mm; £7.50

HC285 Handle and arm, from a TS machine, 107mm; £6.50
Hand Crank Handle
HC062 From 12 class clone; £5

HC202 Chunky wooden handle; £3

HC340 Handle, wood, 1-3/4"; £1.50

HC339 Chunky plastic, with bolt, 1-7/8"; £3

HC338 Wood, with bolt, 2"; £4

HC337 Wood, with bolt 2"; £3.50

HC336 Plastic, with bolt, 2"; £3.50

HC335 Wood, chunky, 2-1/8"; £3

HC334a (white) and HC334b (black) plastic, 2"; £2 each

HC333 Wood, painted green 2-3/8", new, Husqvarna; £3.50

HC332 Plastic, 2"; £2

HC331 China, German, 1-3/4"; £8.50

HC330 China, German TS, 2-1/4"; £8.50

HC329 Vesta TS with catch part and spring, 2" handle, 2-7/8" overall; £9.50

HC288 Plastic handle with bolt, quite nasty; £2

HC287 Black plastic, 48mm; £3

HC328 Gear and arm from German TS, no handle; £8.50

HC327 Gear and arm with handle, Singer shallow (early) type; £15

HC326a Gear 94051 44 Singer deep (later type); £8.50
Not shown, but really very similar, HC326b, marked 94051 7; £8.50

HC326b Shallow Singer, marked "D"; £8.50

HC325 Gear, arm, handle, and bolt, Jones CS; £10

HC193 Big gear and arm (Regina); £8.50

HC122 Assorted Fingers - £1.50 nude; £2 with leather bit or a pin; £2.50 with both..
This is the bit that meets the wheel..
Also HC123 (not shown) leather pieces to make your fingers quieter, nicely cut and punched for sewing onto your own machine, with a length of suitable strong thread; £2. Black, or any colour you like... Add 50p for another piece of leather and another piece of thread, then you can mend two!

HC433 Singer finger and gear, shallow (early) types, with bolt; £5 each

HC435 Finger and gear from German machine, with bolt; £4

HC434 Finger and gear from Jones CS, with bolt; £4.50

HC184 Finger and gear, no end, Singer?; £2.50

HC183 Finger and gear; £3.50

HC180 Finger and gear; £3.50

HC181 Finger and gear; £3.50

HC255 Singer Finger and gear, with bolt; £4.50

HC089 Jones CS Finger and Gear; £3.50
Vesta Hand Crank Gear and Finger
HC054 Vesta Gear and Finger; £4

HC127 Small gear, 50mm; £2.50

HC128 Small gear and finger, grey, 75mm; £2.50

HC126a Small gear as HC126; £2.50

HC126 Small gear and finger, 75mm, with small end to fit hole; £4

HC125a Small gear as HC125; £2.50

HC125 Small gear and finger, 70mm; £3.50

HC059 Gear and Finger from Singer 12; £6.50

HC107 German FR clone with bolts; £3.50

HC188 Backplate and leg (from bed-attaching crank), Singer 12k; £18.50

HC058 Backplate from Singer 12; £6
Vesta Hand Crank Back Plate
HC055 Vesta Back Plate; £8.50

HC222 Back and leg, late Singer; £15

HC195 Back plate and leg, hole spacing 7.7cm; £8

HC196 Back plate and leg; £8
Singer Hand Crank Back Plate and Finger
HC063 Singer Back Plate and Finger; £5
Singer Hand Crank Back Plate
HC046 Singer Back Plate, plain black 94002; £3
Not shown, HC046b, later, 94050, also £3
HC046c Marked "4"; £3

HC046a With Decals; £5

HC138 Back plate; £3

HC108 Back plate and leg from German FR clone TS; £6

HC112 Back plate from Jones CS; £3.50

HC197 Gear cover, Regina; £6

HC191 Gear cover; £5
 Singer Hand Crank Gear Cover Rings
HC042 Black Singer Gear Cover Rings, solid from early cranks; £3 each
Very similar, but hollow, HC042b, also; £3
Not shown, HC042a Brown similar; £3

HC109 Gear cover from German FR clone TS; £2
Vesta  Hand Crank Gear Cover Ring
HC052 Vesta Hand Crank Gear Cover Ring, poor; £2.50

HC057 Gear cover from Singer 12; £5

HC091 Jones Gear Cover; £1.50

HC095 Jones CS Gear Cover; £2

HC194 Assorted centre bolts, pins, etc; £1-2

HC192 Centre bolt with nut, marked "657"; £2
Centre Bolt for Singer Hand Crank
HC063a Centre Bolt for Singer Hand Crank; £2
Not shown, but very like; HC179 bolt from small gear, Singer; £2 (Sorry, sold out)
Singer Hand Crank or Motor Fixing Screws
HC049 Singer Hand Crank/ Motor Fixing Screws - plain; £1 each, with hex head; £1.50 each
Other machine types available

HC128a Finger spring as HC128 below, 25mm, unused; £1

HC143 Screws to attach the leg bit, Singer; £1 pair
My address is:-
Helen Howes
Helen Howes Sewing Machines
4, The Raveningham Centre, Beccles Road, Raveningham, Norfolk, NR14 6NU. United Kingdom
01508 548137
Mobile (busness hours, please!) 07914 676182
From outside the UK dial:- 0044 1508 548137
I'm open 11 till 5 every day except Tuesdays and Wednesdays