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I have divided up the Plates pages, for ease of use. I have lots of plates for all manner of machines. Some are very good, and some are very poor, see the descriptions. The image is always of the item - all are usable, but may need cleaning. If you are contemplating buying a machine with the bobbin plate missing, please be aware that they are exceedingly hard to find, and not getting any easier....
PLEASE NOTE - the images on this page are not to scale...

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Face or Front Plates

These cover the needle bar and generally sit on the left-hand end of the machine as you look at it. Some are also available in sets, please see the links HERE
Tension Plates (little plates which cover the oiling points above the tension units) are at the bottom of the page

Plates on this page are arranged roughly by shape, with the older types at the top of the page.. If you are not sure if a particular plate will fit your machine, please ring 01508 548137 or email I am happy to send measurements or a tracing of the plate if required.
With screws if shown...
I also have several Front plates with tension units attached, see Tensions Page for details

CP099 Old; £15

CP100 Old, probably Vesta; £15

CP101 Old, probably Vesta also; £15

CP102 German FR clone; £15

CP103 Frister and Rossman TS; £15

CP104 Frister and Rossman; £15

CP189 German Transverse shuttle machine; £15

CP225; £10

CP274 Singer 12; £17.50

CP313 Frister and Rossmann TS; £20

CP105 Singer New Family; £15

CP218 Frister and Rossmann TS; £17.50

CP135 Pfaff B TS with bits; £20

CP127 Hexagon; £8
I have other plates for this machine..

CPF006 Jones Medium CS (longer than the Family CS); £7.50

CP034 Federation (Jones), good; £5

CPF001 Frister and Rossmann VS with engraving, very good; £10

CP039 Singer 128 "Vines" 8361; £5

CP029 Frister and Rossman VS; £5

CP062 Singer 128k plain, good; £5

CP053 Frister and Rossman E; £6

CP011 Harris OS; £6

CP239 Singer 27/127; £10

CP271 Singer 27; £7.50

CPF004 Singer 27 Black Side; £7

CP267 Singer 66 "Lotus" - early version; £7.50

CP136 Singer 66 blackside; £7

CP026 Singer 99k stripey; £7

CP040a Early Singer 99; £5

CP040 Singer 99k; £5

CP227 Singer 99 "Black side"; £8

CPF003 Early Singer 99; £5

CP042 Singer 185k; £7

CP045 Plain Singer 15k, no tension unit; £3
See the Tension Units page for complete ones

CPF007 Early (very thick) Singer 15; £6

CP133 Singer 201 Celtic; £10

CP207 Singer 201, late models; £10

CPF016 Singer 201 Stripey; £10

CPF002 Singer 285; £7

CPF008 Singer 275; £7

CP281 Singer 348; £4

CP157 Pfaff 208; £3

CP287 New Home 696; £5

CPF010 Helvetia Bobbin cover and attaching plate with screws; £10

CP073 Frister and Rossman Cub; £5

CP095 Frister and Rossmann Cub 4; £8

CP298 Bernina 700; £6

CPF011 Memorycraft 6000; £10

Tension Plates

Cover the oiling place above the tension unit - with screws if shown

CP050 Jones CS/Federation/Medium CS/Empress etc. pair; £2. Either by itself; £1

CP061 Singer 27/28/127/128; £1.50 with screw; £1 without

CP069 Frister and Rossmann; £2

CP128 Hexagon; £6

CPF013 WW9; £2

CPF014, UI, with thread guide; £1.50

CPF015 With hole; £1.50
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