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Oh, dear, the Case Parts pages have got out of hand again..I have divided it all up so follow the links, please
Page updated with no help at all from the (very damp) cat, March 7th 2016

Locks and Keys and Lock Plates
Catches and Latches
Case Feet and Corners and Oddments
Oil Cans and Can Holders


From Wooden and Other Solid Lids

CA004 Singer Beehive case handles
These come in two sorts - with longer bolts for "coffin" tops (usually one each end) and with shorter bolts for domed lids.. (usually just the one)
Please be specific; £5 each
I sometimes get the internal plates as shown (none at present) - if you are putting these onto a domed lid I can supply a pair of big washers as a good substitute for an extra £1

CA006 Jones CS case handle; £5

CAHA011c Singer 185 etc from grasscloth case, Blue; £4

CAHA011b, as above in Grey; £4

CAHA005 Mundlos, poor; £4

CA134 Hexagon; £6

CAHA019 Harris, 2 inch screw spacing; £6

From Card and Plastic Lids

CAHA008 Singer 449 plastic lid; £4

CAHA007 Grey Plastic from Singer box; £2.50
CAHA007a as 007 Cream; £2.50
CAHA07b as above with 3 catches; £8

CAHA009 Singer 457; £1.50

CAHA002 Possibly New Home; £4

CAHA044 Grey tin, scruffy but sound, handle 5 inches long; £4

CAHA003 From Singer Card lid; £3
CAHA003a as above in dark green; £3

CA135 Jones 568 strap handle and fittings; £3

From Crocodile Cases and The Like

CAHA012 Singer Crocodile box, poor; £3.50

CAHA013 Older Singer crocodile box; £4

For Drawers

CAHA036 with loop, and one without the loop; £3.50 pair

CAHA023 Round back with loop, metal, with bolt, 1-1/4 inch (1); £3.50

CAHA024 Round back with loop (8), metal, with bolts, 1-1/4 inch; £3.50 each, £6 pair

CAHA022 Square back with dangle, metal, 2 inch back, 2 inch dangle, with bolt (1); £4.50

CAHA025 Square back with dangle, metal, 2 inch back, 2 inch dangle, one pair; £8.50

CAHA029 Fancy, metal, 3-3/4 by 2 inches, 1 pair; £7.50

CAHA030 Fancy, metal, 3-3/4 by 2 inches, 1 only; £3.50

CAHA031 Small version of CA029, 2-3/4 by 1-1/2 inches, 1 only; £3.50

CAHA027 Shell handles, rather grotty but charming, no screws but I can find suitable ones, 4 by 1-3/4 inches, 1 pair; £4

CAHA026 Nice backs only, 1-1/2 inches; £3.50 pair

CAHA035 Tiny little knobs, one of each, from left;
A Bakelite, 7/16 by 3/8 in; £2
B Ridged Bakelite, 7/16 by 1/2 in; £2
C White Bakelite, 9/16 by 3/4 in
D Cream Celluloid, 5/8 by 7/8 in; £2
E Dished black Bakelite, 5/8 by 7/8 in; £1.50
G Pointed wood, 1-1/8 by 3/8 in overall; 50p
We can make reproduction turned knobs of any kind of shape, to order from about £3 each according to size and quantity..

For Treadle Cabinets

CAHA021 Very nice Art Deco cabinet handle in two parts, metal and Celluloid or Bakelite, with fixing bolts; £10

CAHA021 again..

CAHA037 Broken, but may be fixable, and too nice to throw away, heavy, metal, with bolts and bolt covers, 7-1/8 inches; £2

From Machine Tops

CAHA015 New Home 622 (including the top..); £5

CAHA016 Singer 9008, 9 inches; £4

CAHA018 Toyota EX490, 12-1/2 inches; £4

CAHA041 Toyota 9400, 5 inches; £6

CAHA010 Compal Opus; £5

CAHA004 Consort; £3

CAHA040 Riccar 8500S, 6 inches; £6.50

CAHA039 Singer 5502, 5 inches; £4.50

CAHA042 Home dream, 5-5/8 inches; £3

CAHA043 E&R Classic, 5-7/8 inches; £3

CA078 Frister and Rossman Beaver 2 handle; £5

CA169 Viking 6440 or 6370 handle, 12-1/4 inches; £5

CAHA038 Brother Compal Star, 5-1/8 inches; £6.50

CAHA017 Memorycraft 6000, 13 inches; £5

And the Usual Odds and Sods

CAHA034 Lovely heavy metal twiddly handleish thing with sadly, no fixings, 4 inches long; £5

CAHA033 Brass escutcheon, 5-1/8 by 3/4 inch; £4.50

CAHA020 Not from a sewing machine, but substantial and useful, swivelly black plastic with screws, 4-3/4 inches; £3.50
My address is:-
Helen Howes
Helen Howes Sewing Machines
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