Sewing Machine Feet For Industrial and High Shank Machines

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All these feet fit High Shank (some domestic Frister and Rossman, Jones and others) or Industrial machines of most makes. Some are not suitable for high-speed machines, and if you need a machine to do one job at speed (ruffling or quilting, for instance) you should look for a specialised machine.
I made the mistake of actually looking closely at these again, so a major remake was undertaken on 11th February 2015 (and then in October, as the nights draw in, so my fancy turns to stocktaking...)
I started by grouping very roughly according to type..
Then my brain hurt.. I'll have another go later.. meanwhile, scroll, scroll...

Sets of Feet For High Shank Machines

I have lots of High Shank Feet.. If you want a set made up, please email me with a list of the sorts of sewing you intend to do and I'll make a Suggestion List for you

FS064: 7 feet, quilt guide, brush, screwdrivers and green bakelite box (not shown); £20

Individual Feet For High Shank Machines

HS002: "Everything" Foot - regular, zip, quilting and all and all, quite the most amazing foot... £10

HS099 "Cut and Sew" Overlocker attachment for zigzag machines, unused; £35
HS007 Zigzag, clear; £2.50
HS005 Zigzag, metal; £3

HS024 Clear, 2 grooves; £6

HS075 Clear; £3

HS069 with blind hem guide attachment; £7.50
HS069a Attachment only; £3.50

HS003a(ii) Straight-stitch Singer 24545; £2.50

HS003a(iii) Straight-stitch Singer 62926; £2.50

HS003a(iv) Straight-stitch Singer 24982; £2.50

HS003a(v) Straight-stitch Pfaff 51742; £2.50

HS003a(vi) Straight-stitch Singer 149027; £2.50

HS003a(vii) 26883c; £2.50

HS003c Straight-stitch 12260; £2

HS102 Teflon, for sticky fabrics like leather and vinyl; £6.50

HS086 Straight-stitch with green-coated sole; £3

HS087 Straight-stitch with one narrow toe and bar; £2.50
Industrial foot
HS003a: Straight stitch, centred needle £2-50
HS003b as above but with left-resting needle position (common on zig-zag New Home, Brother, some Janome, some Jones machines) £2-50

HS100 "Slim Jim" - fantastically useful, I have these on my machines; new; £8.50

HS045a Compensating R, narrow, 1/32 "210"; £5

HS045b Compensating L 1/16; £5

HS045c Compensating L 465-5; £5

HS045 Compensating R, narrow; £5

HS045d Compensating L 22L; £5

HS045e Compensating R 1/16 E; £5

HS045g Compensating R 601 Short-toe; £5

HS045h Compensating R 604 Short-toe; £5

HS052a Cording 36837; £3.50

HS071 Cording/gimp; £6

HS073 Double piping; £8.50

HS076 One-toe gimp; £5

HS077 Buttonhole slider; £5

HS101 Buttonhole Slider; £3.50

HS029 Blind Hem foot with guide bit; £6

HS055 Adjustable Blind Hem foot, new; £6

HS079 Zip right-cut 12435N; £3.50

HS081 Zip right-cut 12435W; £3.50

HS080 Zip right-cut 12345 Simanco with screw in the back; £3.50

HS082 Zip or corset foot, 35137 open back; £3.50

HS083 Zip right-cut Simanco 93893; £3.50

HS085a Topstitch with guide 36465 1/8; £5

HS085b Topstitch with guide 36465 3/16"; £5

HS088a One small toe 32 Japan; £3
Not shown, HS088b "36" and HS088c "65" as above; £3 each

HS092 Modified cording 4983; £3

HS094a Shirring P50; £3

HS093 Sled shape set 504, 507, 513; £10
HS093a 504 only; £3

HS094b Shirring P50n; £3

HS094c Shirring 120828n; £3

HS094d Shirring 129828n; £3

HS094e Set of Shirring feet 120828, 3 depths; £10

HS094f 120828 medium; £3

HS094g 120828H; £3

HS095 Turned-up toe; £4

HS096 Compensating pair, Suisei P70, 1/2, 1/4; £8.50

HS097 Black long-toe; £3.50

HS065 Zig-zag 86803; £3

HS066 Frister and Rossmann 46 with screw; £2.50

HS059 Janome 8000 with screw; £5

HS063 Winfield SS left-set, with screw; £2.50

QF058 Janome; new in box; £18.50

QF100 Metal embroidery/FM/darning - this works on my 31k which has a long lift; £15

QF002b embroidery, free-motion quilting; £14.50

QF081 Small hoop embroidery; £12.50

QF078 With yarn slot; £8.50

HS006: Buttonhole £3
Industrial buttonhole foot
HS001: Adjustable-guide Buttonhole £5
Reduced as I have lots; now £2.50

HS001A Clear ZZ foot with buttonhole Guide; £4.50
(Also reduced to £2.50)

HS001A Another view

HS019 Foot with channel; £4
HS010 Cording/gimp; £4

HS030 Braiding; £5

HS057 Slotted Binder; £9.50

HS050A Adjustable Zip with wide foot part; £6
HS050, Singer type with narrower foot bit; £6

HS062 Zip left-cut; £4.50

HS067 Open-toe; £5

HS031 Pintuck (5 slot) with guide; £7.50

HS051 Shirring, marked Simanco 35955; £4

HS022: Slotted £5

HS047 With Pip; £7.50

HS038 Teflon adjustable; £10

HS012: Button £3

HS039 Button, plastic; £1.50

HS011 Button; £3

HS021 Button; £3

HS021A Button; £3

HS045 Compensating, narrow; £5

HS046 Cutaway slot under right side; £5

HS023: Odd foot with welded addition: £3

HS008o Hemmer, fixed, with cover; £3

HS008B Hemmer, fixed; £2

HS008D Hemmer, hinged, marked "Italy"; £3

HS008L Hemmer Necchi, fixed, with cover; £3

HS008A Hemmer, hinged; £2

HS008C Hemmer, hinged; £2

HS008E Hemmer, fixed, "280 16"; £3

HS008F Hemmer Pfaff 93-04093431; £3

HS008G Hemmer; £2.50

HS008I Hemmer, tapered, hinged; £2.50

HS008K Hemmer, hinged, tapered; £2.50

HS008M Hemmer, fixed; £2.50

HS008P Hemmer, fixed; £2.50

HS008R Hemmer, 865395 1/8", fixed; £3

HS008S Hemmer, fixed, wider; £3

HS008Q Hemmer, fixed, with ZZ slot; £3

HS008N Hemmer pair, fixed, 1/16", 1/4"; £5
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