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Lights make a lot of difference when sewing - in our workshop, even our treadle machines have lights fitted to them.
Light fittings get damaged or are missing on many machines and most machines without lights can have them fitted.
On the lights we sell, the wires have been removed, but external lights which mount directly on to the sewing machine can be supplied fitted with leads and mains plugs for treadles or hand crank machines, please ask for details.

Please ensure that any work you do yourself is tested for safety before connecting...

We don't sell bulbs but they are available everywhere - look for oven, or fridge bulbs.
LED screw fit bulbs are available from Tescos and other suppliers, they don't get hot, and give a good light.

External Lights

Mounted on Motor

LGT001 Light with cream ring-switch mounts on motor; £10
KN001a, as above without hood; £5

LGT002 Singer with red ring-switch, mounts on motor; £10
Singer light
LGT031 light with ring switch, mounts on Sew-Tric motor, black/cream screw fitting, fair ; £10

External Lights

Mounted on Machine
Singer light for 99, 185, 285
LGT030 Singer light with toggle switch underneath
Suit 99, 185,285; £10
Singer light with ring mount
LGT030b with a ring plate to fit Singer 15, or similar.
Light and ring mount; £15.00

Internal Lights

Bernina 840 light
LGT025 Bernina 840 end cover with light, good £15
Super Novum light
LGT026 Super Novum Deluxe end cover with light , Good; £10
Jones 365 light
LGT028 Jones 365 Light and switch, fair; £5
Novum light
LGT010 Set-in light unit from Novum; £4

LGT011 Pfaff 208 with push-switch; £3.50
Crosson Light
LGT027 Cosson Top cover & light , fair; £12


LGT005 Singer bakelite hood and metal reflective liner; £5

LGT006 metal hood, black; £4
LGT034 glass and reflector
LGT034 glass and reflector for Singer bakelite light; £2.50

KN054 Viking Husqvarna light guard; £3 (Reserved)

LGT012 Singer 7108 cover; £1.50

LGT013 New Home 677; £4
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