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I have divided the Manuals Pages and remade them for greater ease of use..

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I often find the most astonishing bits of paper in machines. Preserved nicely, birth certificates, letters of condolence, and birthday cards from the 1920s.. None of those here, but all manner of goodies nonetheless
I'm happy to send an image of any of these, but cannot make a page of all of them, too messy..

Page firmly made to sit-up-and-beg (again and with added pictures), then re-amended lightly 26th September

Featured Items

MAE001 Tiny Singer Attachments booklet in charming 1930s colour; £5

MAE001 Inside

MAE003 Singer Illustrated Dressmaking - very comprehensive, and in good condition; £15
Also available in pink...

MAE003 Inside

MAE005 IXL Scissor booklet - with many hints and tips - nice period piece; £8

Machine Embroidery - a classic, A4, very good; £20

MAE022 Dakota Sewing Machines Attachments booklet, good, 16 pages; £3

MAE022 Inside

MAE031 Singer price list, probably late 40s, fair, rusty staples; £3

MAE186 Modern Soft Toys. No date, but I think probably 1930s, with odd patterns. Scruffy but charming oversize book; £10

MAE112 "10 more good reasons to buy a Singer" 60s fold-out card leaflet, good; £3

MAE104 Threads price list, 1898, good; Sold, but copied.. Repro available

MAE099 "Economy In The Home" - probably 1920s, delicious colour illustrations; £20

MAE099 Inside

Price Lists and Promotional Items

  • MAE001 Tiny Singer booklet "What Can Be Done With The Attachments" Colour, Good, £5.00
  • MAE031 Singer price list to match catalogue 1000 AD 1, 1 page, fair, £3
  • MAE110 Singer price lists just pre- and post-2nd World War; £4 pair
  • MAE055 Singer catalogue and pricelist, back cover damaged, £10.00
  • MAE032 Have Fun Sewing with a Singer 8pp, VG, bright pink £5
  • MAE013 Singer Catalogue from Ipswich, wuth cabinets etc, poor £6
  • MAE036 Sales flyer (4-fold) for Singer 611/613, VG £2
  • MAE037 Singer "Is your sewing machine out of repair?" folded card, VG, £3.50
  • MAE050 Singer catalogue, June 1928, good £10.00
  • MAE051 Singer Guarantee certificate, 1930, good £2.50
  • MAE052 Advertisement for Singer VS treadle, fragile, £2.00
  • MAE053 Cabinet leaflet, 1960s, good £3.00
  • MAE054 Singer HP agreement 1931, fragile, £2.50
  • MAE056 Singer sewing machine album, 1950s, good £7.50
  • MAE074 Singer catalogue and pricelist, Jan/Feb 1933, good, £10.00
  • MAE076 "Our Singer Electric" catalogue, good, Sold (Repro available, £5)
  • MAE083 Singer 66 XXth-Century booklet, 1902, VG, £15.00
  • MAE109 Elna Industrial booklet, good; £2.50
  • MAE110 Singer price lists, pre and post 2nd World War, good £4 pair
  • MAE112 10 more good reasons to buy a Singer, 60s? folded card, good; £3
  • MAE121 Leaflet about Singer shops, good; £7.50
  • MAE122 Singer lessons leaflet, good; £3.50
  • MAE123 White Sewing Machines advertising card, folded, very good; £10

Attachment Instructions and Threading Diagrams etc: Originals

  • MAO118 New Yorker Attachments Good £4.00
  • MAE005 IXL Scissor book -with lots of sewing tips, Good £8.00
  • MAE022 Dakota Sewing Machine Attachments booklet 16pp Good £3.00
  • MAE023 Singer Blind Stitch Instructions, Good £6.00
  • MAE027 Buttonholer Instructions (Red Case and Black) Singer Various, £2-£6
  • MAE028 Jones Auto Buttonholer Instructions, Good £3.50
  • MAE029 Singercraft leaflet, Good £4.00
  • MAE033 Quick reference card for Singer 201 with parts and oiling points, VG £2.50
  • MAE038 A5 Threading card, single sided, for Singer 201, VG £2.50
  • MAE039 A5 Threading and part names card double-sided for Singer 239k, VG £2.50
  • MAE040 A5 Threading card, single sided, for Singer 327, 328, 329, VG £2.50
  • MAE041 Feed cover needle plate leaflet 1974, VG £1
  • MAE042 Guarantee card with troubleshooting guide 1972, A6 two-sided, VG £1
  • MAE044 New Home Attachments booklet 16pp, cover poor £5
  • MAE058 Singer "attachments supplied" tiny leaflet, quite poor £1.00
  • MAE059 Metropolitan "Keep this in your machine" leaflet, fair £1.00
  • MAE060 Singer Threader leaflet, later (size 11 needles+), good, £2.00
  • MAE061 Singer Threader leaflet, earlier (1921/1922) (size 9 needles), good, £2.00
  • MAE062 Nu-way hemstitching fork leaflet, fragile, £2.00
  • MAE063 "Save Frustration" leaflet (troubleshooting tips), good, £2.00
  • MAE064 Singer edge-stitching foot leaflet, fair, £1.00
  • MAE045 Singer threader leaflet (M010 type) £1.00
  • MAE046 Singercraft leaflet £2.00
  • MAE048 Willcox and Gibbs tuckmarker leaflet, fragile £5.00
  • MAE049 Willcox and Gibbs Ruffler leaflet, fragile £5.00
  • MAE057 Darning the Singer way leaflet, fair £2.50
  • MAE075a Singer stocking darner booklet, April 1909, good, £2.50
  • MAE084 Jones Attachments (as made by Greist) booklet, good, £6.00
  • MAE101 White Automatic Decorator (very fancy zigzag attachment), very good; £10
  • MAE090 Singer Professional buttonholer manual, good, £6.50
  • MAE092 Stoppax darner leaflet, oily, £1
  • MAE024 Singer 1-6-12 Ruffler (86642) leaflet, good; £1
  • MAE024a Later Singer Ruffler leaflet, red print, fair; £1
  • MAE024b Singer Ruffler 1-6-12, 86742, 161561, good £1
  • MAE025 Singercraft Knife, one page, fair; £1.50
  • MAE026 Singer Threader (121632), good; £1
  • MAE094 Singer Cam Buttonholer 489500/489510, 1960, good; £5
  • MAE069 Singer shears leaflet; £5
  • MAE100 Attachments booklet with tension and belt adjustments, fair; £3.50
  • MAE102 Elna Blind-stitch foot small leaflet, good; £1
  • MAE103 "Famous" Buttonholer leaflet, poor; £2
  • MAE108 Small leaflet explaining different feet for ZZ machine, shiny card, fair; 50p
  • MAE124 Singer Skirt marker leaflet, good; £2.50
  • MAE125 Superior machine attachments, including zip feet; £4

Attachment Instructions: Reproduced

Some of these are very small, I am compiling a booklet with all the minor stuff in it. If you buy an attachment that needs instructions, they will be included
Almost anything above or below can be reproduced as required if not already prepared
  • MAR005 Singercraft set £2.50
  • MAR006 Singercraft Knife only 50p
  • MAR007 Singer Adjustable Buttonholers (Red case and "Black") £5.00
  • MAR008 Singer Darning 50p
  • MAR009 Stoppax Embroidery Attachment, 50p
  • MAR015 Speedweve leaflet, 50p
  • MAR016 Singer Black "puzzle" box leaflet, 50p
  • MAR018 Singer Needle threader (2 types) 50p
  • MAR032 Singer False Hemstitcher/ Veining foot instructions 50p
  • MAR034 Mordella Embroidery Attachment £1.00
  • MAR037 Singer Blind Hem attachment (in colour) £5
  • MAR038 Greist Buttonholer attachment £5
  • MAR039 Singer "Pebble Case" cam buttonholer £5
  • MAR040 Singer "Swiss" zigzag attachment £5
  • MAR041 Daga darning tool £1
  • MAR045 Singer "Jetson" cam buttonholer £5
  • MAR050 Singer Edge stitching foot leaflet 50p
  • MAR051 Singer Automatic Zigzagger Patterns insert 50p
  • MAR052 Singer Hemstitcher (the big one) £5
  • MAR053 Singer Golden Panoramic Buttonholer £5
  • MAR036 Wurker zigzag attachment £4
  • MAE085 White Automatic Decorator (fancy zigzagger) booklet, reproduced, good, £5.00

Books and Leaflets about Sewing and The Like

  • MAO076 Sew in Leather with Viking Husquvarna, Good £5.00
  • MAE002 Singer Sewing manual 1976, 48pp Good £8.00
  • MAE003 Singer Illustrated Dressmaking Guide (Orange cover), Good £15.00
  • MAE004 Singer Illustrated Dressmaking Guide (pink cover), Good £15.00
  • MAE014 Improve Your Dressmaking HB 112pp 1978 Ann Ladbury, Good £7.50
  • MAE017 Dressmaking Simplified (metric) PB 240pp Valerie Cock, Good £3.50
  • MAE018 English Sewing Simple Stitchery PB 28pp, VG £3.00
  • MAE016 Needlewoman and Needlecraft Magazine (pre-war) No 43, Good £5.00
  • MAE030 Partwork "The Complete Family Sewing Book" 14 parts (1 part missing) very 1960s, VG £12
  • MAE087 Elna and Living Magazine sewing book, 1972, comb bound, good quality information, good condition, £9.50
  • MAE091 Dryad Rag Bag Toys book, hardback, wartime, with paper patterns (some cut), good, £5
  • MAE116 Set of 10 big Bernina leaflets about using special feet, punched for binder, good; £10
  • MAE115 WI Magazine style book about the Sewing Machine - very good basic information and nice illustrations, good; £10
  • MAE095 Clarks Embroidery Stitches booklet, good; £3
  • MAE097 Penelope Smocking 2, booklet with transfers, good; £4
  • MAE098 Simply Smocking, by Jean Picton-Turberville, with transfers, good; £3.50
  • MAE099 Economy In The Home, Singer, 1920s?, very good; £20
  • MAE117 Singer Illustrated Dressmaking A4 Red Green and White. No date but the machines shown are Singer new shape 201/185ish, Good; £12.50
  • MAE120 Pfaff booklet with tracing sheets for monogrammes, very good; £8.50

Paper Oddities

  • MAE006 Woman's Pictorial Embroidery transfer book, Good £5.00
  • MAE011 Singer 1951 Gala Dinner photo + envelope, 8 by 10 inches, Good £6.00
  • MAE015 Singer Pattern Paper in Singer paper bag 3 sheets, Good £3.50
  • MAE019 Simplicity Tracing Paper 6 sheets in 3 colours £2.50
  • MAE068 Receipt for Singer 201 1953, fair, £1.00
  • MAE070 Singer Threader packet, fair, £2.00
  • MAE071 Singer trade card, Baltimore Oriole, 1926/7, VG, £6.00
  • MAE072 Singer agent's business card; Barrhead, good, £1.00
  • MAE075 Singer "comic" paper, cartoon, fragile, £3.50
  • MAE068 Singer 201 Receipt 1953, fair £1
  • MAE077 Singer guarantee card, good, £1.50
  • MAE078 Singer parts envelope, green, fragile, 50p
  • MAE079 Bernette guarantee, good, 50p
  • MAE081 Multi-language leaflet, fragile, £1.00
  • MAE082 Elna card with stitch samples, tiny, fair (needle inside) £1.50
  • MAE086 Singer packers slip, tiny, good, 50p
  • MAE093 Assorted Cresta papers including service vouchers etc, good; £4
  • MAE107 Packets of 3 sheets or squared pattern-making paper, Prym or Newey (2 packets available), new; £3 packet
  • MAE114 Singer paper bag, ratty; £1
My address is:-
Helen Howes
Helen Howes Sewing Machines
4, The Raveningham Centre, Beccles Road, Raveningham, Norfolk, NR14 6NU. United Kingdom
01508 548137
From outside the UK dial:- 0044 1508 548137
I'm open 11 till 5 every day except Tuesdays and Wednesdays