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I have divided up the Plates pages, for ease of use. I have lots of plates for all manner of machines. Some are very good, and some are very poor, see the descriptions. The image is almost always of the item - all are usable, but may need polishing. If you are contemplating buying a machine with the bobbin plate missing, please be aware that they are exceedingly hard to find, and not getting any easier....
PLEASE NOTE - the images on this page are not to scale...
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Bobbin and Needle Plate Sets

Separate Needle and Bobbin Plates - see links above

Plates on this page are arranged roughly by shape, with the older types at the top of the page.. If you are not sure if a particular plate will fit your machine, please ring 01508 548137 or email
I am happy to send measurements or a tracing of the plate if required.
Sometimes I split sets.. Ask...

Bobbin and Needle Plate Sets

NBP044 Vesta TS half-size, fair, with lifter and screws; £17.50

NBP019 Vesta TS; £7.50

NBP012 German Frister and Rossman clone TS; £10

NBP030 Vesta, very poor; £5

NBP055 Frister and Rossmann TS with feed-dog and bits; £20

NBP072 German TS, poor; £12.50

NBP073 Harris 2H (probably made by Vesta) TS, good; £15

NBP034 German TS; £15

NBP027 Vesta TS with screws, very good; £10

NBP001 Regina TS (Singer 12 clone) (feed dog shown is not included, sorry), very good; £12

NBP156 Davis Vibra, Needle and back only; £12

NBP028 Small Vesta TS with feed dogs, scruffy but usable; £12

NBP109 Wheeler and Wilson 9, smooth but dark; £25

NBP141 A Jacob and Cia, marked J254; £15

NBP157 Simplex; £8.50

NBP117 Singer 28, with patent date, fair; £22

NBP118 Jones Medium CS, fair; £25

NBP116 Late Jones shuttle machine, VG; £25

NBP153 Singer 27/127, fair; £25

NBP151 Singer 28, fair; £22

NBP052 Jones CS; £20

NBP103 Singer 127/127k Back and Needle-plate only, VG; £10

NBP155 Jones CS with "warning" text and patent dates; £22.50

NBP144 Jones CS; £20

NBP122 Naumann; £20

NBP123 White VS with patent dates; £25

NBP125 Wheeler and Wilson 9; £25

NBP143 Vesta VS; £20

NBP010 Hexagon, will polish; Back and needle plates only; £5
I have lots more plates for one of these, please ask..
Or Search (above)

NBP150 Governor "C" (possibly Davis or Eldredge), fair; £25

NBP149 Frister and Rossmann VS, quite poor; £12

NBP146 Singer 128 (1927) Very good; £25

NBP110 Jones CS (early) with patent date, good; £25

NBP037 Singer 201k; £15

NBP008 Singer 66/99/185 set, Very good; £20
NBP008a Singer 66/99/185 set, Good; £17.50
NBP008b Singer 66/99/185 set, Fair; £15
NBP008c Singer 66/99/185 set, Poor; £12.50
I also have needle and bobbin plates separately, see page links above

NBP026 Singer 15k; £10

NBP134 Singer Concerto 2; £12.50

NBP038 Cosson; £10

NBP100 Singer 9008 with pillar and screws; £12.50

NBP132 Regency; £12.50

NBP133 Singer Magic 9; £10

NBP139 Frister Rossmann, no insert; £10

NBP140 Frister Rossmann 404 with reversible insert; £20

NBP158 Hinged set, large; £10

NBP161 Frister Rossmann PZ; £12

NBP087 Willcox and Gibbs Industrial; £20
I also have a bobbin plate on its own, see Bobbin Plates page

NBP120b; £8

NBP148 Singer 427; £12

NBP147 Singer 328 (and others) with feed cover, plate raiser, ZZ and SS plates; £20

NBP145 Wide, hinged, possibly New Home, new; £12.50

NBP152 Usha (15 clone), good; £8

NBP121 Singer 105143

NBP119 Singer 173087 ZZ All-in-one for 306 machines; £10

NBP086 Singer 188931 One-piece; £8.50

NBP159 Pair of eyelet plates (2 sizes) for 306, 319, 320 etc. Singer; £20 pair

NBP050 Jones 15 clone, hinged; £9

NBP050a Jones 15 clone with needleplate markings, hinged; £10

NBP053 Bernina 840; £15

NBP054 Super Novum Deluxe, hinged; £15

NBP056 Janome Horizon 8000; £12

NBP059 Necchi Lelia; £10

NBP060 Singer 237, 125326 and 352185; £8.50

NBP076 Chapman Pearl De Luxe; £8.50

NBP063 Singer 5502; £10

NBP065 Singer 457; £10

NBP067 Viking 18; £8.50

NBP115 Singer 438, good; £10

NBP069 Singer 8209; £10

NBP070 Singer 5102, hinged; £10

NBP075 Toyota 444; £12.50

NBP082 Brother; £8.50

NBP058 Brother 15 type; £10

NBP071 Cresta Auto Stitch; £10

NBP005 Alfa, vg; £9

NBP043 Pfaff 31; £9

NBP061 Singer 7108, 327, 427, 449, 348, 337, 317, etc. etc.; £10 with spring and pillar; £9 just the plates.
Not shown, NBP061a, as NBP061 but for straight-stitch machines, same prices.
This number replaces a lot of others which all somehow seem to be the same thing..
I also have the separate parts -
BP113 Bobbin plates for these; £6
NP006 Singer Needle plate, Straight-stitch; £4.50
NP006a Singer 310703 Needle plate ZZ; £5

NBP046 Chapman Deluxe; £8

NBP040 Hinged; £7.50

NBP038 Cosson; £10

NBP020 Hamfa; £9

NBP024 Cresta Auto Stitch; £10

NBP016 Harris 15 clone; £9

NBP096 Ilminster (Brother?), very good; £8.50

NBP104 Singer 15 NL, very good; £10

NBP091 15 class hinged, possibly Jones, new; £10

NBP097 Seamstress, possibly Jones, good; £8.50

NBP099 Hinged pair with markings, 15 type, possibly Jones, very good; £10

NBP009 Singer Capri, good; £7.50

NBP111 Jones 562, good £10

NBP077 Jones 438 with SS and ZZ plates, very good; £15

NBP160 Arrow, very good; £10

NBP135 Toyota 9400; £6

NBP162; £7.50

NBP136 New Home SD2014; £10

NBP126 Singer 7446; £10

NBP131 Elna 7000; £15

NBP137 Elna 6001; £10

NBP084 Brother Compal Opus, VG £20
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