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Sewing Notions is the term used for threads, zips, fasteners, and all manner of mysterious things...
Page updated, rebated, inspected, selected and not rejected, 25th November 2018
Skeins of Thread

NO138 DMC fine cotton skeins, New 50p each; £6 for a box of 12 if listed, (all the same colour) with the nice box. Number of skeins and boxes in brackets. I have a couple of empty boxes and can make assorted selections for these if required
  • NO138a 700 Emerald green (55 + 1 box)
  • NO138b 322 Medium blue (9)
  • NO138c 517 Bleu de ciel (2 + 2 boxes)
  • NO138d 740 Jaune-mandarine (1 + 3 boxes)
  • NO138e 352 Salmon pink (4)
  • NO138f 631 Sea green (2)
  • NO138g 815 Maroon (2)
  • NO138h 947 Rouge-feu (12 + 1 box)
  • NO138j 900 Rouge-feu (2)
  • NO138k 741 Jaune-mandarine (32 + 1 box)
  • NO138l 801 Brown (15)
  • NO138m 905 Vert-perruche (3 + 1 box)
  • NO138n 904 Vert-perruche (25 + 2 boxes)
The following are vintage items. Don't expect them to be suitable for mending your jeans... Embroidery threads are clean and usable and unfaded as far as I can see, but please be aware that they may not be as colour-fast as modern threads
Numbers in brackets indicate more than one available, otherwise all unique..

NO116 Penelope Crewel wool with wrapper
NO116a Colour 23 Dusty Pink (2)
NO116b Colour 138 Orange (SOLD)
NO116c Colour 61 Olive Green (1)
£1 each

NO115 Penelope Tapestry Wool Colour 71 Yellow; £1 for 2 skeins

NO131 Rajmahal Art Silk Colour 805 Blue-green; £1

NO131a 745 Dark Pink
NO131b 256 Maroon
NO131c 44 Gold
NO131d 261 Lemon Yellow
NO131e 371 Light Pink
NO131f 742 Pink
All £1 each

NO122 Pearsalls "Sheba" 9 yards each
No122a Colour L1 Cream (4)
NO122b Colour L5 Light Yellow (4)
NO122d Colour 12 Light Green (1)
NO122e Colour32 Light Blue (3)
NO122c Colour L11 Beige (4)
£1 each

NO011 Pearsall's "Sheba" stranded rayon thread, one 9 yd skein in shade 33, Sky Blue; £1

NO117 TAC Fine cotton threads with wrappers
NO117a Pink (2)
NO117b Yellow
NO117c Green
£1.50 each

NO147 One skein of Oliver Twists hand-dyed silk 70m; £1.50

NO121 Edamo fine cotton "mending" 14 yards colour 68 green (4); 75p each

NO077 WB Pure Silk Floss colour 7 green (8); £1.50 each; £10 for all 8

NO012 Perilusta mercerised cotton, white, size F (Extra Fine) Four 60-yard skeins and tatty outer wrapper; £5

NO123 Argyll Fine cotton mendings 12 yds, 50p each NO123a 27 Lilac (8)
NO123b 26 Darker lilac (6)
NO123c 6 Light brown (17)

NO040 a to e
Splendidly verbose vintage packets with soft floss by Brainerd & Armstrong
All single packets; £2 each
  • NO040a Asiatic Twisted Embroidery Lilac 2040 (SOLD)
  • NO040b Asiatic Filoselle 2521a Light pink
  • NO040c Asiatic Filoselle 2523 Purple (SOLD)
  • NO040d Roman Floss 2562 Light green (SOLD)
  • NO040e Asiatic Filoselle 2161 Light yellow (SOLD)
Reels of Thread in Boxes

NO148 Delightful Sharps toffee tin with a collection of "art silk" cops and spools, mostly part-used; £15

And here's the tin...

NO139 Dewhurst Black 100 yds Number 40; 12 in a box; £12 (2 boxes)
Not shown, but very like, NO139a full box of number 36 black, also £12 (1 box)

NO139b Dewhurst 100yds black number 40; £1 (7 reels)
NO139c Dewhurst 100 yards number 36; £1 (3)
NO140 Dewhurst 200 yards black number 40; £1.50 (1)

NO051 Acme Buttonhole twist, full reels of colour 689; £1.50 each; £11 for all 8 in box

NO128 China Flag Buttonhole Twist on wooden reels, colour 778 Petrol Blue; £20 the box of 12

NO090 Assorted Buttonhole Twists on wooden reels, various makes and colours; £12

NO090 Another View

NO087 DMC Fine gold thread, 7 reels of 5 grammes each; £2.50 each; £16 for all 7 and the box

NO061 Champion Fine silk embroidery thread, mid-brown, 9 in box; £1.50 each; £11.50 the lot

NO057 DMC Black Machine Embroidery; £2 single reels; £20 for 12 in a box (2 boxes and some singles)

NO141 Box with 19 skeins of Perilusta stranded embroidery Snow White; £18.50
Reels of Thread Not in Boxes

NO055 Big reel (1000 yds) of "Gun" brand basting thread, wooden reel; £3.50

NO055 Another view

NO056 Coats 6 cord, No 40, 200 yds, wooden reel; £2 (2 reels)

NO054 Coats No 36, 400 yds, wooden reel; £2

NO099 Au Ver a Soie 5 grammes silk thread light blue 2352; £1.50

NO100 Au Ver a Soie 5 grammes silk thread medium blue 352; £1.50

NO052 Sylko D70 Gold-brown, unused; £1

NO053 "Invisible" thread, 100 yds; £1.50

NO134 Four odd cops of embroidery floss, opened but pretty much full; £2.50 the lot

NO132 Chalomes Art Silk floss with torn wrapper; £1

NO133 Very fine copper coloured machine embroidery thread (2); £1.50 each

NO108 Imperial Silk Buttonhole Twist
NO108a 1003 Purple (SOLD)
NO108b 503 Light Green (SOLD)
NO108c 858 Light blue-green
£1 each

NO108 another look

NO105 Gold thread on big wooden reel; £3.50
NO105 Silver; £2.50

NO107 Lotus Silk Buttonhole Twist
No107a 36 Dark Blue (1)
NO107b 17 Light Blue (2)
NO107c 7 Light Pink (2)
NO107d 27 Pink (2)
NO107e 22 Lilac (2)
NO107f 29 Light Sea green (2)
£1 each

NO110 Tiny cotton reels suitable for toy machines; £1 for 3

NO098 Sphinx GLD Silk threads 5 grammes, navy blue only; £1.50

NO066 Pearsalls Dark green silk small wood reel; £1

NO065 Pearsalls Green silk on wood reel; £2

NO102 Sterling Mercerised machine twist 1 oz weight 24 colour 793 green (2); £2 each

NO104 ETM 6002 Unopened gold thread on big wooden reel; £2.50
NO104a, opened same; £1.50

NO084 Brooks 40 cotton black; £1

NO083 Coats Gossamer Y821 Light grey 50 yds; 75p

NO082 J P Coats Wood reel 6 cord 60 cotton 400 yds white; 75p

NO081 J P Coats Wood reel 200 yds 6 cord 36 cotton black; £1

NO080 J P Coats Wood reel 400 yds 40 cotton black; £1

NO078 Silkateen Wood reel 40s cotton 80 yds croquette pink; £1

NO076 Coats Gossamer Wood reel Y596 Alice Blue 100 yds; £1

NO074 JP Coats tiny reel 192 pink, wood; 75p

NO073 JP Coats Wood reel 200yds 40s cotton black; £1

NO072 The Albion Lustre thread 40s 1 ounce dark green, with wrapper; £1

NO071 British Thread Mills Ltd, Wood reel glace 50 1000 yds black; £1.50

NO069 Coats 6 cord 400 yds wood reel 50s cotton black; £1

NO063 Boars Head Glace thread wood reel purple; £2.50

NO062 Singer Glace thread wooden reel black; £2.50

NO058 Thiriez black machine embroidery thread (2); £2 each
Ribbon and Binding

NO041a Glossamer Bias binding on card, green; £2
NO041b Coats Bias binding on card, light blue; £2
NO041c Propeller Bias binding on card, pink; £2
NO041d Coats Bias binding hank, yellow; £1.50

NO88 Harlequin Seam binding, rayon
NO088a Dark Green 414; £2.50
NO088b Dark Red 281; £2
Small reel of brown free with either on request

NO137 Card of interesting black braid, lots; £5

NO041p Plain Jane bias binding, 3 yards (2); £1 each

NO041 Coats 1/2-inch Bias Binding cards, all 3 yards
NO041e 577 salmon pink (4)
NO041f 442 red (2)
NO041g 487 green (1)
NO041h 440 red (2)
NO041j 466 light pink (1)
NO041k 717 orange (2)
NO041l 694 Medium blue (1)
NO041m 533 Medium blue (4)
All £1 each

Assorted Bias Binding Cards, 3 yards unless noted, one of each
NO041q Creschenette 38 green
NO041r Creschenette 54 blue
NO041s Delyta 101 Light brown 6 yds
NO041t Delyta rayon light green
NO041u Coats 673 lt red 6 yds
NO041v Pick Haby Corded bias white 4 yds
All £1 each

NO044 Newey Diadem thick brass pins in box; £3 box

NO048 Plated 1-inch pins in scruffy box; £3 (1 box)

NO047 Newey Diadem fine lace pins, 30 x 0.55mm, in box; £3.50 box (3 boxes)

NO028 Vintage Eve safety pins; £1.50

NO049 Lill pins box only; £1.50

NO126 Card of hooks and eyes "Trident" (2); £2 each

NO126a Newey "Bar Loop" Hooks and Eyes card (2); £1.50

NO124 Newey's Patent Safety Loop hooks and eyes on card (2); £2 each

NO125 Newey's Art 100 Safety Loop hooks and eyes on card (3); £2 each

NO129 Newey Box with one Great Gross (12 dozen dozen) of size 2 black snaps. Probably full, but I'm not counting these, sorry; £3

NO084a Press studs on card, 4 used; £1
Snap fasteners on cards
NO005 Nice vintage cards
of snap fasteners: 50p each

NO136 Tiny box of hooks; £1

NO135 And another; £1

NO130 Newey Box with one Great Gross of hooks size 1, and another with the requisite eyes. Full, I think; £3

NO064 Big Skirt or Trouser hooks and eyes, lots in a box; £5

NO113 Newey Perforated shop card with size 7 big snaps, sadly taken apart but still nice; £2

NO119 Oddments of hooks and eyes; £1

NO142 Button card, incomplete but delightful; £1.50

NO143 Diamond Button card; £3.50

NO144 Button Card; £4.50

NO145 Button card - missing the top, but the buttons are good; £1.50

NO149 Hercules button card; £2.50

NO146 Card with three embossed and painted wooden buttons; £1.50 each ; £2.50 the pair

NO114 Now, a seriously odd thing - two small paper bags full of "V"s in some kind of non-woven felty stuff. Designed for padding embroidered initials. About 1 to 2 inches high. Suit Valerie, Veronica, Vlad
or Victor, perhaps; £2 the lot

NO092 Pockets! Masonico Replacement gents pockets with nylon reinforced bottoms.. For the man who has sharp pocket-contents. One with label, one other with good print, one a bit faded; £5 the set

NO111 Nylcord Necklace string with delightful cards. One whole at £1, one part-used, 75p

NO120 Duldarn Red mending floss on card; 75p

NO127 "No Sew" iron-on mending fabric on card - not functional, I suspect, so for curiosity value only; £1.50

NO063a Donmore Glamisware Card with assorted mending threads; £2

NO112 Cami-Catch lingerie hold-downs on nice card; £1

NO027 Nice chunky metal silver cord, 4 metres; £6
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