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Oh, dear, the Case Parts pages have got out of hand again..I have divided it all up so follow the links, please

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Oil Cans

A few words on oil. It's really important to oil your old machine, and you MUST use oil, not 3-in-1 or cooking oil or margarine or WD40 or some odd sticky stuff you found under the sink. For a long time it was one of the few things I didn't sell, as I couldn't find a source in bottles that didn't leak in the post. Try locally; if no sewing shops then gun oil is a really good substitute, or ask where they sell machine tools.
I now have the genuine Singer article, in reliable bottles, at £4.50 a go!
Anyway, please do the thing with the lubrication - after 8 hours of use, or once a month. A good trick for all sorts of machines is to clean out the bobbin area with a cotton-bud (Q-tip) dipped in sewing machine oil - this cleans out the gunk and lubricates all in one go and you can't overdo it. Even machines which claim to need "no oil" will benefit from this...

Note that these are vintage items and probably unreliable - for everyday use, buy some new oil in a new bottle, please..
Gears, on the other hand, need grease. Almost any brand will do, and Vaseline at a pinch

The British Post Office will not allow posting of machine oil in insecure containers, so if you buy a vintage bottle and it has contents, they will be removed before sending.. Sorry

Page tweaked 12th December 2017 with more stuff to come soon - I have lots of Big Cans to list..
I finally got them all out of the boxes (and photographed)...
(and then washed my hands...)

TOOIL000 Proper, new, sealed Singer oil... £4.50
UK Only!

TOOIL006 Big Singer, good, 150mm high; £20

TOOIL008 Domed with angled spout, fair, 75mm high; £8.50

TOOIL018 Spout and matching can closer 2-1/2"; £3.50

TOOIL007 Big, very like TOOIL006 but unmarked, 150mm; £15

TOOIL019 Plated banjocan, no stopper 3-1/2" x 2"; £4.50

TOOIL002 Plain, flat-bottomed can, fair; £8.50

TOOIL020 Small banjo, no stopper 3-3/4" x 1-5/8", threaded spout; £6

TOOIL009 Small, domed, copper and brass, fair, 80mm

TOOIL021 Steel banjo cans, no stoppers 4-1/2" x 2-1/4"; £6 each

TOOIL003 Conical, fair; £9.50

TOOIL013 Banjo with stopper; £12

TO1038a Singer, average; £9.50

TO1038b Singer, better; £10

TO1021 Probably Bradbury, fair; £12

TO1025 Unidentified spout with bend; £1.50

M013 Singer Oil Can (not reliably usable); £7

M013a, not usable; £6.50

M067 Singer oil bottle (with some oil); £4

M080 Singer Lubricant - for curiosity value only, cannot be posted overseas; £4.50 each
Left (oldest) has the box. The one on the right has gone, but I have some other types, please ask for images

TOOIL023 Elna oil capsules; £1 each

TOOIL012; £2.50

TO992 Bernina bottle, good; £8

TOOIL022 Bernina, good; £8.50

TOOIL011 Yellow celluloid, good, 110mm high; £3.50

TO1028 Standard plastic bottle, of no particular charm; £2.50

TOOIL017 Plastic with closer, stopper and spout, marked "Sewing Machine Oil" (what else?); £3.50

Oil Can and Tool Box Holders

CA001 Metal holder for the black Singer toolboxes - from a 99k case originally; £4.50

CA002 Oil can holder for the round base type (see above); £3

CA003 Wire oil can holder for the round base type (see above); £1.50

CA090 Oil can holder for the Green type (see above); £2

Sundry Odds and Sods

CA063 Springs to hold a manual inside the case - possibly F & R; £1 each

CA093 Spring to hold a manual inside the case; £1

CA094 Spring to hold a manual inside the case; £1
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