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- fit most Singers any many other machines...These will fit Featherweight (221k and 222k) machines, also Singer 15, 201, 66 (side clampers), 99, 185 and most modern machines...

These are standard feet and are nearly always available. Please note that you may not get the one in the picture - I always send as good an example as I have...

If you are not sure what sort of foot your machine takes, please click here to email me..
I don't update this page except to note if anything is out of stock - you can assume that these are available
Ruffler Sewing Machine Foot
Ruffler - makes gathers. From £5
Click Here For Page of Rufflers and more information
Tuck Marker Sewing Machine Foot
SF017 Tuck Marker - makes a mark for regular pleats, spacing the next as you sew each one; £5
Edge joining Sewing Machine Foot
SF010 Edge joining foot- for sewing ribbons together, adding trim and piping. An under-rated attachment, very useful on straight-stitch machines; £5
Narrow hemmer Sewing Machine Foot
SF005 Narrow hemmer - not easy to use;
30 pence, or free if requested with any order (I have lots)
Page of hemmery stuff HERE
Adjustable zip/piping Sewing Machine Foot
SF004 Adjustable zip/piping foot - probably the most useful extra foot that I sell; £5
Adjustable zip/piping Sewing Machine Foot
SF004a Adjustable zip/piping foot (another common type) £5
More zip feet HERE
Binding feet - for adding bias binding to edges. None of these will bind a quilt.. Use the M009 Bias Guage to cut the bindings for these
Binding Sewing Machine Foot
SF009 Binder - single-slot; £2;
Binding Sewing Machine Foot
SF024 Binder - 3-slot; £3.50
Binding Sewing Machine Foot
SF025 Binder - 5-slot for straight-stitch machines; £5
Binding Sewing Machine Foot
SF025a as SF025 for zigzag machines

M009 - attaches to your scissors to cut even widths of binding; £4 each (Sorry, I'm out of these)
Adjustable Hemmer Sewing Machine Foot
SF006: Adjustable hemming foot; £4
Straight-stitch Sewing Machine Foot
SF001: Straight-stitch foot; £1
Hinged straight-stitch Sewing Machine Foot
SF002: Hinged straight-stitch foot; £1-50 (Unhinged feet £1) Click here for an amusing page about these
Button Sewing Machine Foot
SF019 Button Foot - for sewing buttons on (zigzag machines only); £1-50
More types HERE
Shirring Sewing Machine Foot
SF008: Shirring foot - these and the slotted feet gently gather the fabric under the foot; £1
Slotted Sewing Machine Foot
SF007 Slotted Foot; £1-50
Slotted and Shirring feet aplenty HERE
Quilt Sewing Machine Foot
SF011 Quilt Guide Foot - for sewing even lines.. Very oldfashioned.. For more modern and better quilt feet, Click Here £5
Singer Special Purpose Sewing Machine Foot
SF018 Singer Special Purpose Foot - for satin stitch, fancy stitches, buttonholes etc.. Very good. Also available for Slant Shank machines; £5
Sewing Machine Seam guides
SF020 Seam guides; £1 each, £1.50 with fixing screw
Lots of different sorts Here
Early Singer Sewing Machine Feet
SF030 - Early Singers had a set of attachment feet including these add-on binders, hemmers and quilt guides. These fix to the back of the foot (shown bottom left) with a thumb-screw, and are easy to change.. The hemmers come in 4 widths as shown
I do not sell the attaching feet separately; see This Page for sets made up..
SF030a Binder; £1.50
SF030b Hemmer; £1.50
SF030c Hemmer; £1.50
SF030d Hemmer; £1.50
SF030e Hemmer; £1.50
SF030 Quilt Guide; £2
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