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Shuttles and Bobbins

All Vintage, by definition. Nothing in this section is really new (although some appear never to have been used), but all are usable as far as I can tell. Some (quite a lot) of the shuttles are unidentified - if you can help, please do.. I have rephotographed pretty much everything, almost all in 3 directions.. Dimensions on request
Most of the examples apart from the Singer shuttles are What You Get

Sorry, no more than 2 long bobbins per customer unless they are listed as a batch, and PLEASE do not order for machines not being used regularly
I NEVER supply "spare" shuttles - if you insist on using a shuttle machine regularly you need to look after its bits, please.. They don't make these any more..
And if you display machines, PLEASE take the shuttles out, LABEL them, and keep them safely - nothing seems to get stolen like these particular, irreplaceable, damnit-not-useful-to-the-thief parts..

Bullet Shuttles

Usually from machines where the bobbin moves from back to front, and called VS (Vibrating Shuttle) or OS (Oscillating Shuttle) machines
Bobbin goes in the end..
Shown in 3 orientations..
I also provide a mend-your-shuttle service, as I have quite a lot of odd parts - email me for details
Singer bullet shuttle and bobbin
BB009 Singer "notched" (earlier type) shuttle and one bobbin 8301, Used; £12.50: New; £15 (I have found some unused ones!)
(BB009b/BB009c Shuttle with no bobbin £10/ £12.50)
These fit the simpler shuttle carriers without a lifter, so mostly 28 and 27 class machines. They also work just fine on the later 127 and 128 machines

BB078 Singer later "no notch" type 54504; £12.50
(BB078a Shuttle with no bobbin £10)
For the later type shuttle carriers with a lifter button, so 128 and 127 class machines.
Also BB078a New Ones! £15/ £12.50
BB010 Bobbins for BB009 and BB078; £2.50 each

BB196a Jones CS, marked "F"; £22 with one bobbin BB050, new
Pretty much the same, but used: BB196 with one bobbin BB050; £20

BBSH002 Jones, marked FCS, with one bobbin BB050; £20

BBSH008 Jones "Family" with 1 bobbin; £20

BBSH003 Later Jones Plastic; £20

BBSH060 Jones MCS with one bobbin; £20

BBSH076 Eldredge; £20

BBSH078 Harris VS (probably made by Vesta); £20

BBSH032 Two holes in one side, one bobbin; £12

BBSH065 Probably Davis; £18.50 with 2 bobbins

BBSH055 "Davis" with one bobbin; £25

BBSH021 New Home; £20
Also for Singer VS 2 and VS 3

BB182 Spring marked 8326; £12

BBSH058 Pfaff with centre pin and 2 hollow bobbins; £25

BBSH061 Pfaff with 3 interesting multi-holed, thick-ended bobbins; £25

BB079, fits FR VS and Vickers VS, good; £12
BB079a New; £12.50

BB123 With bobbin
Works in a Frister and Rossmann VS and Vickers VS
BB123a New; £15

BB080 marked 8326 with 1 bobbin; £12
Works in a Frister and Rossmann VS

BBSH071 Deep notch, complex spring, no bobbin (quite short inside); £12.50

BB082 UI, no bobbin; £10

BB191 UI, with bobbin; £15
Works in a Frister and Rossmann VS

BBSH016 Frister Rossmann VS and Vickers VS; £12

BBSH030 Flattened side, one bobbin; £18

BBSH059 Marked "SMS"; £18.50

BBSH063; £12 with one bobbin

BBSH064; £12 with one bobbin

BBSH035; £15

BBSH036; £15

BBSH017 With slots, new; £15

BBSH020 Notched; £12

BBSH033 Fits Singer 128, one bobbin; £12

BB177 UI, one bobbin, spring marked 8326; £12

BBSH016a As BBSH016, better condition, fits FRVS, Vickers; £15

Hybrid Shuttles

Closed "bullet" types mostly from transverse shuttle machines

BB188; £20

BBSH018 UI, new; £20

BBSH057 Tailor Bird, with one bobbin; £25
I have a VERY FEW needles for these (type 712) please email for details

Boat Shuttles

Mostly (but not always) from Transverse Shuttle machines, where the bobbin goes from side to side behind the needle
Bobbin (these all have one if noted as good) goes in the side..
I have a bag full of damaged or incomplete shuttles, so I can find parts for for repair or spares, please ask

BBSH069 No notch, open bar, one bobbin, good; £18

BBSH070 Large, no notch, marked DRGM, one bobbin, good; £18

BBSH045 Fat, curved, no bobbin; £20

BBSH006, Very small, curved, no bobbin; £25

BBSH075 Curved, from German TS with a boat on (matches RASH003 below) £20

BBSH040 Probably fits a 12k, fixed bar and holes; £25

BBSH047 Marked DRGM, no notch, one bobbin, open bar; £20

BBSH048 As BBSH047, not marked, one bobbin, open bar; £20

BBSH049 Lifting spring and open bar, good; £20

BBSH050 Lifting spring, open bar, no notch, good; £20

BBSH051 Closed outer spring, open bar, no notch; £20

BBSH052 No notch, open bar; £20

BBSH053 Lifting spring, open bar, one bobbin; £20

BBSH062 Simplex (German machine with cherubs); £20

BB141 AD Saurer Made in Switzerland, with cocoon bobbin; £15 for 1; £80 for all 8
These are from an embroidery machine

BBSH080, Very similar to BB141, but larger; £15

BBSH073 Notch, open bar, one bobbin; £20

BBSH005 Curved; £20

BBSH007 with cover; £20

BBSH038, no notch, with one bobbin, very good; £20

Long Bobbins

Many of these are singles.
Look after your bobbins, please. They don't make them any more. (Actually, some do get reproduced, but they are generally quite appallingly bad)
I have plenty of Singer originals but some of the other ones are in exceedingly short supply
A note on bobbin sizes.. Boat shuttles are fussy about both length and width - if the bobbin does not fit nicely into the little spring cup at the end and move freely inside the shuttle it will jam and / or jump out, causing problems.. For bullet shuttles, the bobbin is much less crucial - but then you may have problems with the bobbin winder not winding the thread properly or failing to drive the bobbin at all..
So, the right one is good.. And improvisation? Here's one I found recently...

Paper, toothpick, who need technology?
I have also found dead (and live) matches, twists of paper, and little pieces of firewood...

BB010 Singer standard; £2.50 each, £12.50 for 6

BB050 Jones CS; £3.50 each

BB093a Frister and Rossman, Vickers, etc: 33.6 x 9.25mm: 1.322 x 0.36in; £2.50 each

BB093b As a, ish; £2.50 each

BB137 Frister and Rossmann, many holes; £3.50

BBL045 Nickel or brass, like FR with only one hole and pointed end; £3

BB157 No holes: 38 x 9.1mm, 1.5 x 0.38ins; £3

BB040: 32.6 x 10.7mm; 1.28 x 0.42in; £2.50

BB164 Short pips; £3

BB184 1 notch; £2.50

BBL024 Two holes, flattened ends; £3

BBL028 One notch, uneven pips; £2.50

BBL034 Chunky ends: 32.38 x 7.86mm: 1.275 x 0.3in; £3

BBL033 One notch, one hole; 37.4 x 8.36mm: 1.47 x 0.329in; £3

BB183 No holes, 38 x 9.72mm; 1.497 x 0.384ins; £2.50

BB193 1 hole: 34.68 x 7.19mm, 1.377 x 0.28ins; £3
Fits Jones "Serpentine" Hand machine

BB154 One hole, one flat end: 33.67 x 9.2mm, 1.326 x 0.36ins; £2.50

BB155 Long pips, 2 notches: 38 x 8mm, 1.5 x 0.31ins; £2.50

BB160 Two holes, possibly Bradbury: 33.8 x 9mm, 1.33 x 0.35ins; £3

BB126, one hole, pointy pips; £2.50

BB161 One long pip: 33.8 x 9.3mm, 1.33 x 0.36ins; £2.50

BB044 Marked Griffiths patent: 27.65 x 8.5mm; 1.08 x 0.33in; £2.50

BBL026 One hole, domed, short pips: 33.95 x 9.22mm; 1.33 x 0.36ins; £2.50

BBL031, 1 notch; 35.46 x 7.56mm; 1.396 x 0.29in; £3

BBL003 2 holes: 37.13 x 9.3mm, 1.46 x 0.36ins; £3

BBL005 One hole: 32.07 x 8.75mm, 1.26 x 0.34ins; £2.50

BBL039 One pip, one flat end, no holes; £2.50

BBL029 Vickers: 33.8 x 9.4mm; 1.33 x 0.37ins; £2.50
I also have shuttles for this

BBL006 One pip, one hole: 33.4 x 7.69mm, 1.315 x 0.3ins; £2.50

BBL007 2 holes: 39.95 x 7.77mm, 1.54 x 0.3ins; £3

BBL008 2 holes: 31.1 x 7.65mm, 1.38 x 0.3ins; £2.50

BBL009 No holes: 32.3 x 9.3mm, 1.24 x 0.36ins; £2.50

BBL012 1 hole: 33.83 x 8.4mm, 1.33 x 0.33ins; £2.50

BBL013 No holes: 35.2 x 8mm, 1.38 x 0.31ins; £3

BBL014 1 hole: 33.68 x 9mm, 1.32 x 0.35ins; £2.50

BBL020 2 holes: 35.3 x 7.8mm, 1.39 x 0.3ins; £3

BBL017 Like Singer, 1 hole: 33.75 x 9.36mm, 1.329 x 0.35ins; £2.50

BBL018 1 hole: 32.65 x 10.73mm, 1.28 x 0.42ins; £3

BB129, fits Jones Serpentine (Hand) and FRTS; £3.50

BBL030, Naumann VS; 2 holes in one end; 34.05 x 9.17mm; 1.34 x 0.36in; £3

BBL022 These are the skinniest bobbins I've ever had in stock, and I would really like to know what they fit - 30 x 4.9 mm; £3

BBL036 Boye 25s, new; £3 each, clip; £3

BBL041 Deep domes, no holes; £2.50

BB158 Two holes: 31.9 x 8.85mm, 1.25 x 0.34ins; £2.50

BBL038 Domed ends, notch; £3

BBL037 Davis Vibra; £3

Shuttle Carriers

RA013 Federation; £6

RA019 Vesta TS; £6

RA110 Mundlos; £5

RA111 Singer 12; £10

RA119 Frister Rossmann TS; £7.50

RA028 Jones CS; £6
RA028a, not shown but pretty much identical, for Jones Empress; £6

RA128 German TS; £7.50

RA127 Harris 2H TS (like Vesta); £5

RA088 German TS with boat; £5

RA006 Vickers shuttle carrier; £6

RA010 Vesta TS shuttle carrier and block; £6

RA014 Regina TS shuttle carrier and bits; £7.50

RA015 German Frister and Rossman clone shuttle carrier; £6

RA156; £4

RA016 Harris OS shuttle carrier; £6

RA024 Square Jones shuttle carrier and bits; £6

RA026 Vesta VSIII shuttle carrier and spring; £6

RA035 Frister and Rossman TS shuttle carrier; £6

RA038 Singer 27/28 (early type) shuttle carrier 6231; £5

RA047 Hexagon; £7

RA039 Singer 128/127 (later type) shuttle carrier; £6

RASH004 German TS with stars; £6

RASH008 Frister and Rossmann TS; £2

RA087 Pfaff TS; £5

RASH001 German TS; £7.50

RASH002 Frister and Rossmann TS "D"; £4

RASH003 German TS with boat; £5

RASH005 Pfaff B; £2.50

RASH006 Frister Rossmann TS; £7

RASH009 German TS with boat; £8

RASH013 Harris TS; £1

RASH010 Davis Vibra; £6

RASH011 Bradbury Family; £10

RASH014 Pfaff B; £7

RA046 Superb TS (Singer 12 clone) shuttle carrier and assorted under-parts; £8

Oddments and Parts

To keep your bobbins and shuttles in good order..
I have a lot of damaged or incomplete shuttles, parts, springs, and screws - if in need or doubt it's best to ring or email and ask...

BB048 Singer shuttle adjusting key £3.50
Note that the smallest screwdrivers on This Page will also do the job very well

BB132 Two Boye shuttle tubes; marked 11S and 17B, empty; £1 each

BB025a Seidel and Naumann bobbin box; £10

BB025a from the side

BB025b Seidel and Naumann Bobbin box; £10

BB025 Seidel and Naumann bobbin box; £10

BB025d Another, also £10
My address is:-
Helen Howes
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From outside the UK dial:- 0044 1508 548137
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