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Slant Shank Feet

Singer had a fit of trying to make themselves unique (again) in the 50s or 60s, and invented the Slant Shank Foot. These have a higher fitting than the usual Low Shank, and the needle angles forward towards the user.
I have never been very keen on these, but they are among the last of the worth-owning later machines. The feet are well-made and tend to be the same types as Low Shankers from the same period or earlier.
Slant Shank machines, in spite of what you may read on auction sites, are not suitable for very heavy work, as the needle can deflect and catch or break..

As a rule, the 400, 500, 600, and 700 Series machines were Slant or Slant-O-Matics..
Do not attempt to order these while drunk..
Page made and remade and fiddled and faddled with on 31st July 2016
NOTE - I have had some troublesome feet, which while slanted, were just not slanted right for Singers.. Now removed, and the page remade...

BH032 Singer "Jetson" Buttonholer attachment for Slant Shank machines. Quite the most extravagant box I have ever seen.
Complete, immaculate, instructions, cams; £40

ZZ039 Greist Blind Hemmer for Slant Shank, with rather scruffy tin box and instructions, tested; £25

FS082 Singer Touch and Sew 648 set with cams and original box, including the chain stitch plate and the exceedingly hard-to-find chain stitch threading guide; £50

FS083 Set with chain-stitch plate and bobbin cover, ZZ and SS plates, feed cover and assorted feet, in good box; £30

FS103 Singer Futura with darning and walking feet and bobbins; £50

FS066 Set of four feet from Singer slant-shank, will fit other machines with narrow clip; £6.50

FS152 Partial set with Darning foot; £15

FS067 Buttonholer slide (narrow clip-on) with automatic sizing device, and button-sewing-on foot for Singer slant shank; £7.50

OFSL009 Clip-on ankle with big zig-zag foot; £6.50, £7 with fixing screw
OF203 Ankle on its own (fits narrow-fitting clip-on feet HERE); £5

OF221 Straight-stitch 170071; £3

OFSL015 Clear with adjuster screw; £5

OFSL013 Shirring/gathering; £4

OFSL016 Plain Button-attaching foot; £2

OFSL017 Tailor-tacking/fringe foot; £10

OF098 Regular ZZ; £3.50

OF220 Special Purpose 63453 (Satin-stitch, buttonholes, etc.); £4

OF229 Zip/piping adjustable; £6

OF386 Tailor-tacking foot; £10

OFSL001 Narrow hemmer 161195 GB; £3

OFSL002 Narrow hemmer 180527 USA; £3

OF327 narrow hemmer; £3

OF337 Buttonhole slider; £3.50 (See HERE for a more sophisticated version)

OF219 Button 161168; £2

OF295 Blind Hem guide (fixes behind the foot-attaching screw and sits alongside the regular foot); £1.50

OF283 Big Binder, single slot (top) 81200; £10
OF283a 5-slot version (bottom) 161420; £12.50
Be aware that these are actually the same size..

OF284 1-6-12 Ruffler 161561; £15

QF039 Singer Slant Shank Walking Foot (unmarked); £30
QF039d Modern equivalent, new; £30

QF039b Singer Slant Shank Walking Foot (Marked 5); £30
QF039c Not shown, but very like apart from being marked "6"; £30
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