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Straight Stitch Feet

It appears that I opened a Real Can of Worms here.. The original idea that there were two sorts of basic straight stitch feet, with or without hinges, seems simple enough.. Then you look at the feet closely, and yet closer still, and go quietly mad (make that madder).. The tiny differences probably make No Odds, but I do like to know..

If I say what these came from, I'm sure, if not, and you know, please feel free to say
Additional information is always welcome.. Please quote the Stock number when ordering...
Page re-made yet again October 6th 2015

Theoretically Standard Items

Fixed (£1 unless marked otherwise)

SF001 Singer 32666

SF001a Singer 8337

SF001b Singer 15281

Hinged (£1.50 unless marked otherwise)

SF002 Unmarked - NOTE, this is for LEFT-SET machines only - if your needle sits in the middle, it will hit this foot

SF002a Singer 45321

SF002b Singer 32775

SF002c Singer 80221

Now, this should be SF002d, but when I looked in the bag this is what I saw

Superficially similar, but Not The Same
Marked (L to R) "H", "511", "VII", and unmarked.. Shapes not at all similar.. Hmm, what gives.. So, I rename these as SF002d(i), SF002d(ii), SF002d(iii) and SF002d(iv) (NOW ALL SOLD)
And all this seems a trifle ridiculous, as they all work and fit the same..
Now, you may have noticed that the types above are not terribly consistently numbered either, but that's not so important - after all, a number is just a number, and if I miss one, no-one fires me. However, I must have had a bad day when I made this bag and gave it all one number - SF001c

These all have one thing in common - they are cast unhinged type feet, probably from early machines of the shuttle persuasion. But the variety is terrifying.. I can see one pair and one trio, otherwise they are all different..
At this point, the idea of photographing, measuring and defining these makes my head hurt.. They are only £1 each, after all.. So yes, these are all SF001c for now.. Perhaps another day

I did try, honestly.. These four, I lined up and wrote notes on for you.. One has a name (Frister and Rossmann) and one a stock number from my Odd Feet stock set..

Non-Standard Items

Fixed - With screws, if shown, otherwise add 50p

OF248 Frister and Rossmann TS; £2

OF247 Marked "02071", possibly Singer; £1

OF244 marked "Universal"; £1.50

OF246 Frister and Rossmann TS; £2

OF321 Jones CS with bits; £2

OF383 Singer 27k; £2

OF395 Vesta; £2.50

OF421 Mundlos; £1.50

OFSS001 Marked 06031; £1

OFSS003 Even-sided; £2

OFSS005 Harris 2H; £2

OFSS008 German TS; £2

OFSS019 Jones; £1.50

OFSS021 TS marked "8"; £1.50

OFSS022 30059; £1.50

OFSS023 Marked "22"; £1.50

OFSS024 Early Singer 15k; £2 with small screw or thumbscrew as required

OFSS028 Even-toes (scant 1/4 inch); £3.50


With screws, if shown, otherwise add 50p

OF282 Cosson; £1.50

OF380 Chapman; £2

OF402 Left-set needle position; £7.50

OFSS002 Jones CBD; £2

OFSS006 Necchi left-set; £4

OFSS007 Viking 18; £2.50

OFSS010 Left-set; £4

OFSS011 Left-set; £4

OFSS014 Long toes; £2

OFSS015 Long toes; £2

OFSS016 Quarter-inch; £5

OFSS017 Tapered-toe Singer 105248 (from 201 and other late machines); £3.50

OFSS020 Harris 15 clone; £2

OFSS026 Even-toes (scant 1/4 inch); £5

OFSS025 Vickers with screw; £2
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