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Removing and Replacing the Singer 66/99 Bobbin Case and Plate

I get asked how to do this a lot, so here's a simple illustrated lecture...
All shown on a 99, but this applies to 66s, 185s, etc as well

Start by removing the bobbin, and the cover plate. Pull this off to the left so that is comes off the spring, with a ping...

Like so...
(Note the little piece of red felt alongside the button which lifts the bobbin. Don't throw this away, it's an oiling point)

Lift the bobbin retaining arm to one side with a small screwdriver (Gently, please)
Wiggle the bobbin case and the handwheel until it comes out
You will find it easier if you take the needle-plate off, and anyway you need to clean under there too

Remove the accumulated grot, flotsam, elderly parsnips etc, using pointy instruments and oily cotton-buds (Q-tips, you over there...)
Pay particular attention to those little slots in the hook (bottom of the image)
Take your time and be gentle, please

Re-assemble in reverse order, oiling everything that moves
The plate goes back on from UNDER the needle - this little fact, unheeded, leads to many a lost plate...

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