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How To Fettle a Treadle - Page 3

As you go, clean all the bolt threads with your wire brush to remove old thread, rust, and grot. Sewing machine accumulate grot a lot...
I have found that the cheapest wire brushes from the discount shops are as good as any, and should be replaced when splayed

For the next part, an old tray is essential, because we are about to attack the beast's ballbearings

Clean round the "banjo" very well, before undoing anything

The banjo undoes by rotating the inner ring anti-clockwise using long-nose pliers of similar..
You may need to wedge the wheel with something to stop it turning

Or you may want to replace the pitman temporarily as a lever

All the little balls will fall out.. Now you see why we have the tray

Clean inside the banjo and the outer cover, and clean and inspect the ball bearings. If these are very pitted you will probably be best asking in a bike shop, and take one with you for size...

The banjo has three parts which hold the balls - note carefully which way up the inner bit goes.

Eleven little ones.. Count, clean

Fill the edge with clean grease

And feed the banjo back into place on the axle, which you have replaced in the wheel

Stick the balls back in with the grease

And reassemble - extra hands are useful

Like so...
Replace the drive wheel in the frame, first greasing the pivot bolt, and adjust until it is turning freely but not banging about. When you push the wheel it should turn four or five times, but not rattle the least bit...

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