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Fitting a New Treadle Belt

This is where I ask you...

Have you any idea what the following are, or fit, please? All information gratefully received...

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Page updated 10th October 2013, the older stuff left at the bottom, that I am still looking for answers about..

I know what this is, and I'm pleased to have been sent the images (thanks, John H)
This is a patent Embroidery attachment and was found in a Singer 115, so probably contemporary with the machine (early 20th Century).
I have come across Mordella attachments, (click and scroll down) but this one is new to me.. I bet one or two of you have one in a drawer

Here's the paperwork..

And I bought this.. I have absolutely no idea.. The u-shaped bit seems to fit on the thumb, and it has a reciprocating motion..
ETA It's a Loom Setter.. I now have two, and I still don't understand....

Belt guard?
Almost certainly from an industrial machine.. No markings of any kind. Has an air of Singer about it..
Other way up

Amended 10th October (Slaps forehead firmly) I was given a Willcox and Gibbs chainstitcher, and there it was.. Covers a drive rod..
New Willcox and Gibbs page HERE

This little piece (shown both sides) came in a Wheeler and Wilson lot - the right-hand end has a little roller. It's really well-made.. Ideas?

And further to a long conversation on Treadleon, here's my Bobbin drawer.. I took cheap plastic bobbin boxes, discarded the lids, and tacked runners inside the drawer. Holds Lots of Bobbins.... The boxes slide back and forth so I can reach the under layers...

OF101 Odd wire thing. Same style as a Stoppax Darner, but not that.. The coil winds off

OF097 Truly peculiar.. Possibly from an Industrial machine

This one is so whatisit that I can't even work out a stock number. It's about 9 inches long, has a point near one end and is stamped Simanco (Singer Manufacturing Company) 49514
Oh, and yes, I have Googled...

Added 11th March - I have had several people suggest that this is a bodkin or for threading elastic or cord through casings. It is 9 inches long and the spike above sticks out sideways, so possibly not..
Keep on guessing. If it didn't have the Singer number I would not think it was a sewing machine part at all...
Perhaps it isn't...

And then there's this.. I bought a box of these unexpectedly on eBay - (they were only just visible on the corner of the image). Flat shank, all curved; scale is inches; triangular point; TWO holes...If you have a machine these will fit I will send you a few.. Best guess so far is a glove machine of some kind
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