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Wheeler and Wilson made some of the most technically advanced and delightful machines for many years. Early machines had curved needles, and are extremely rare in the UK.
The last two models, the Number 8 and Number 9, are more common here, and I have a few parts - enough to make it worthwhile to make a new page anyway
Eventually the Singer company bought out Wheeler and Wilson and continued to make the WW9 as the D9, almost identical, until 1905 or thereabouts
Page made January 23rd to February 7th 2016 and tickled a little 22nd January 2018. I have lots more parts awaiting the camera

SM150 treadle machine... (a work in progress)

SM258 Wheeler and Wilson 9 - early round-bobbin machine with serious pedigree and charm
Needles are still available for this machine, and I have a few different feet

OFV019 Marked "To pucker or gather"; £6

OF278, 3/32 hemmer; £6

OF279 Cording; £6

WW9 006 Standard foot and fixing screw; £5

WW9 004 Complete face plate with tension units and screws; £15

TU333 Complete face plate with tension units and screws; £20

NBP109 Bobbin and needle plates, smooth but dark; £25

NBP125 Bobbin and needle plates, good; £27.50

NP134; £10

NP248 For regular thread; £6

NP244 Wheeler and Wilson? £10

NP134a Wheeler and Wilson? Turned-up toes; £7

NP086 Wheeler and Wilson, Marked "For Coarse Thread"; £5

WW9 001 Handwheel and clutch; £7.50

WW9 002 Foot Lift; £3

WW9 005 Bobbin case and spring; £10

WW9 007 Bobbin winder; £10

BW243 Bobbin winder; £10

WW9 009 Feed dogs and stitch-length parts; £10

BOCA014 Wheeler and Wilson base with locking catches, underpan; repaired and refinished; £30

WW9 011 Assorted parts including presser bar and spring; £10

WW9 012 Assorted underparts and screws; £7.50

WW9 010 Needle clamp and cutter; £10

WW9 008 Bobbin case locating part; £3.50

FD139 Feed dogs and parts; £8

NC138 Wheeler and Wilson 9 needle clamp with one 20x1 needle; £12.50
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