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Long before there were zips, sewing machines made short and efficient work of pipings and edgings, to say nothing of corset-boning and sundry other little jobs.
Single-sided feet set either to the left (right-cut) or the right (left-cut) of the needle only, but adjustables adjust to either side..

Please ask for advice if you have a particular sewing task to do..
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SF004 Singer Narrow type 161127 and copies; £5
Also HS050 very similar for High Shank machines; £6

SF004a Singer wider type 121877 and copies; £5

OF409 For invisible zips; £12.50

OF229 Slant Shank Singer 161166; £7.50

OFZIP003 As OF409 with clear foot part; £12.50

OFZIP004 Set of interchangeable invisible zip foot with various shanks - in theory this will fit every machine apart from Berninas; £3.50


OF038 Left cut; £2

OF040 black, right cut; £2.50

OF151 One toe, right cut; £3

OF420a and OF420b, right cut, from old machines; £2.50 each

OFZIP001 Right cut, marked "Universal"; £3.50

OFSL004 Slant shank, left cut, 93-040927-31; £3.50

OFZIP007 Singer right-cut 90407; £2.50


OF045 Singer Low shank; £2
Not shown, but similar OF320, from Slant shank Singers; £2.50

Brother/Janome etc; £1.50
My address is:-
Helen Howes
Helen Howes Sewing Machines
4, The Raveningham Centre, Beccles Road, Raveningham, Norfolk, NR14 6NU. United Kingdom
01508 548137
From outside the UK dial:- 0044 1508 548137
I'm open 11 till 5 every day except Tuesdays and Wednesdays